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DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
11/26/23 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 11/26/23 Playlist (w/Torae & Marco Polo)

1. Torae & Marco Polo “Days Of Your Lifetime” (prod. by Marco Polo)

2. Royal Flush & Sean Price feat. Nature “Ray Liotta” (prod. by Little Vic)
3. Crimeapple “Bello Bitch” (prod. by Loman)
4. Daniel Son & Wino Willy “Ashes In The Rapids” (prod. by Wino Willy)
5. Mickey Diamond & Camoflauge Monk feat. Jamil Honesty “Current Events” (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
6. Dirty Needles feat. Mickey Factz “Dusted Cadets” (prod. by Reese Tanaka)
7. Rome Streetz feat. Joey Bada$$ “Fire At Ya Idle Mind” (prod. by Wavy Da Ghawd)
8. Torae & Marco Polo “Makin’ Up” (prod. by Marco Polo)
9. Lloyd Banks feat. Vado “Diamond Heist” (prod. by George Getson)
10. Swab feat. John Jigg$ “European Handshake” (prod. by Swab)
11. J Flash feat. RJ Payne “D.O.A.” (prod. by Nottz, cuts by Kut Kaper)
12. Elcamino & 38 Spesh “You Made It” (prod. by 38 Spesh)
13. Kaimbr & Nathaniel Star “All June” (prod. by Vintage)
14. Vinnie Paz feat. Lord Goat & ILL BILL “Beausoleil Wiretaps” (prod. by phdbeats)
15. SmooVth “38 Corridor (Money Mix)” (prod. by giallo Point)
16. Kel & Khrysis “Check Up” (prod. by Khrysis)
17. Merakai feat. K!NG jvmes “Brushstrokes” (prod. by Merakai, cuts by Chinch 33)
18. Swab feat. Mickey Diamond & Ty Farris “Chain Snatching” (prod. by Swab)
19. Tragedy Khadafi x Endemic Emerald “The Truth Serum” (prod. by Endemic Emerald, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
20. Larry Crack “What Can I Do…What Can I Say?” (prod. by Tony BruiseJC)
21. Torae & Marco Polo “Life Behind Bars” (prod. by Marco Polo)
22. David Bars “Ready” (prod. by Taz Eyeternal)
23. Vinnie Paz feat. Tha God Fahim & Blacastan “Murder Is An Artform” (prod. by C-Lance)
24. Mikey D feat. Bumpy Knuckles “Park Jam Legends” (prod. by Bumpy Knuckles, cuts by Mr. Scratch Hook)
25. Stu Bangas feat. Recognize Ali & Mr. Lif “Feeling Brolic” (prod. by Stu Bangas, cuts by Tone Spliff)
26. Torae & Marco Polo “Mardi Gras” (prod. by Marco Polo)
27. Edo G feat. Greg Nice “Greg Nice” (prod. by Torch)
28. Torae Live Freestyle
29. Sadat X “Galloping” (prod. & cuts by DJ Alamo)
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Somebody has pissed Drake off. All of the criticism the superstar received for the lack of bars on For All The Dogs has resulted in the Canadian rapper releasing the “Scary Hours” edition of the album with six new songs that are all rhymes. One of the standouts is his pairing with The Alchemist on “Wick Man” that finds Drake taking a shot at Pusha T for his jab at Noah “40” Shebib back on the 2018 diss song “Story of Addison.”

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DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
11/5/23 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 11/5/23 Playlist (w/John Jigg$, Nam Nitty, Supreme Cerebral & Banish Habitual)
1. Torae & Marco Polo “Go Brooklyn” (prod. by Marco Polo)
2. John Jigg$ “I Can’t Wait” (prod. by DJ Phantom)
3. A.L. & TMP “Beautiful Memories” (prod. by Doctor Bombey & TMP)
4. Don Def “Whatever Comes Next” (prod. by Bleeding Face)
5. Supreme Cerebral “One Love” (prod. by Sultan Mir)
6. Ja’king The Divine & Javi Darko “Sunshine Acid” (prod. by Beats By Erra)
7. Freddie Black feat. Tash “Close the Market” (prod by Spliftout, cuts by Tone Spliff)
8. Pretty Bulli feat. L-Biz “Duffel Bag Bulli” (prod. by Castle Money Beats)
9. Agallah & Kool G Rap “Real G’z” (Agallah Remix)
10. Rick Hyde feat. Fuego Base “PTSD” (prod. by Chop La Rok & Rare Scrilla)
11. The Opioid Era x Nottz Raw “L” (prod. by Nottz)
12. John Jigg$ “Cafe” (prod. by Kyo Itachi)
13. Czarface feat. Nems “You Know My Style” (prod. by DJ 7L & JL Hodges)
14. Team Demo feat. Rome Streetz & Wais P “Extras in the Pot ” (prod. by Team Demo)
15. Supreme Cerebral “Tong Po Muay Thai” (prod. by Vinyl Villain)
16. John Jigg$ feat. The Bad Seed, Rockwelz & Nam Nitty “Yah Yah” (prod. by Nam Nitty)
18. Mikey D “This How To Shine” (prod. by Herb Middleton)
19. Artifacts “The Way I Feel” (Theory Hazit Remix, cuts by DJ Hush)
20. Ullnevano “Love Is” (prod by. Matt Kuartz)
21. Skanks The Rap Martyr feat. Kenyattah Black, Bazzo The Great, Supreme J.A.H & Sunez “Build With The Gods” (prod. by Supreme Da Almighty)
22. Supreme Cerebral feat. Jamil Honesty “Unpredictable” (prod. by Nu Vintage, cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
23. Beneficence & Jazz Spastiks feat. Awon “Do This, Do That” (prod. & cuts by Jazz Spastiks)
24. Big Dese x Mike Martinez “Just Wait” (prod. by Mike Martinez)
25. Geechi Suede “Red Alert” (prod. by Technician The DJ)
26. Necro & ILL BILL “Blood Brothers” (prod. by Necro)
27. Banish Habitual, Supreme Cerebral, John Jigg$ & Nam Nitty Live Freestyle
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Do you have an hour to spare? In salute of the late DJ Kay Slay comes “Rolling Deep 200” where 200 emcees bless a track. Here’s the list and timestamps.

0:24 Sheek Louch 0:44 Snoop Dogg 1:05 Raekwon 1:25 Papoose 1:46 Bun B 2:07 Millyz 2:27 Dave East 2:48 RUN DMC 3:08 Jim Jones 3:29 AZ 3:49 Sha Rock 4:10 Ice-T 4:31 Freeway 4:51 Maino 5:12 Rev Run (RUN DMC) 5:34 Nems 5:53 Royal Flush 6:14 Grandmaster Caz 6:35 Cassidy 6:56 King Flo 7:16 The Original Spindarella 7:37 Cory Gunz 7:58 KXNG Crooked aka Crooked I 8:18 Joel Ortiz 8:38 Fame aka Lil’ Fame (M.O.P) 9:00 Billy Danze (M.O.P) 9:20 Coke La Rock 9:41 Sauce Money 10:01 RJ Payne 10:21 Uncle Murda 10:43 Whispers 11:03 Keen Streetz 11:24 Piff Jones 11:44 Nero Ron 12:05 Large Professor 12:26 OT The Real 12:47 Paul Wall 13:07 Nino Man 13:28 Mic Geronimo 13:49 Ransom 14:09 Ms Hustle 14:30 Melle Mel 14:51 Shoota93 15:11 Rass Kass 15:32 DJ Doo Wop 15:52 Haddy Racks 16:13 Kid Carpi 16:34 Bynoe 16:55 Kool Keith 17:15 GTB King Card 17:36 B-Real 17:57 Herb McGruff (We Da Zone) 18:19 Stan Spit (We Da Zone) 18:38 Kick Gunz 18:59 Tony Touch 19:19 Vado 19:39 Grand Puba 20:01 Axel Leon 20:21 Smooth da Hustler 20:42 Trigga tha Gambler 21:02 Slim Dyme 21:23 Big Daddy Kane 21:43 Shyheim aka The Rugged Child 22:04 Oun P 22:24 Page Kennedy 22:46 Prayah 23:06 Tony Yayo 23:26 BK (Double X Posse) 23:48 Ray Rothchild (Double X Posse) 24:08 Big Noyd 24:28 Head I.C.E 24:48 E-A-Ski 25:09 Sadat X 25:31 El da Sensei (Artifacts) 25:51 Tame One (Artifacts) 26:12 Brillo 26:32 Daddy-O 26:53 Chi-Ali 27:14 Tragedy 27:35 Twista 27:55 GeeLo Green (Goodie Mob) 28:16 E.D.I Mean (Outlawz) 28:37 Hocus 45th 28:57 Billboard Baby 29:17 E-Glass (The Hoodies) 29:38 Young Poppa (The Hoodies) 29:59 China Mac 30:20 E Ness 30:41 DJ Paul 31:01 Jack Frost 31:22 Ka Flow 31:42 Majesty 32:03 Neek the Exotic 32:23 P.T Capone 32:44 O.C. (D.I.T.C) 33:05 Termanology 33:25 Tony Moxberg 33:46 Wais P 34:06 Talk It Trigga 34:27 ZipwittheDrip 34:48 Treach 35:09 Rah Digga 35:29 Mysonne 35:50 Jon Connor 36:10 Jae Millz 36:30 Rockness (Boot Camp Clik) 36:51 Steele (Smif-N-Wessun) 37:12 Tek (Smif-N-Wessun) 37:32 Sky Zoo 37:54 Mikey D 38:14 Young Noble (Outlawz) 38:35 Tone Trump 38:55 Locksmith 39:16 Big T 39:37 Saigon 39:58 Sha Queen aka Ma Baker 40:19 Peter Gunz 40:38 King Bless 40:59 Corporal AK 41:20 Molecules (The Legion) 41:40 Chucky Smash (The Legion) 42:01 Diceman (The Legion) 42:22 D.V. Alias Khryst 42:43 Nutso 43:03 Kevie Kev aka Waterbed Kev 43:24 Torae 43:45 Mickey Factz 44:06 Young Buck 44:26 88 LO 44:46 Smooth B 45:06 King Malachi 45:27 Master Rob 45:49 Vita 46:10 Merkules 46:30 Nytro 46:50 Iron Sheikh 47:11 Bishop Lamont 47:32 Capitalist 47:53 Jade Diamonds 48:13 Sparkie D 48:33 Fredro Starr (Onyx) 48:54 Stickey Fingaz (Onyx) 49:15 Paula Perry 49:36 Tah Mell 49:56 Da Inphamus Amadeuz 50:17 Cortez Bodega 50:38 Superstar Floss 50:58 Innocent? 51:19 MC TNT 51:40 Tracey Lee 52:00 Aobie 52:22 Kurtis Blow 52:42 Ladi Kutz 53:02 MC Globe 53:22 Tony Sunshine 53:43 Imam Thug 54:04 Mistah F.A.B 54:24 Layzie Bone 54:45 Lazarus 55:06 NeekDaSkittz 55:27 J.R. Writer 55:47 Terror Van Poo 56:08 ItsBizkit 56:29 Dyce Payso 56:49 Big Dip (Goodie Mob) 57:10 Khujo (Goodie Mob) 57:31 T-Mo (Goodie Mob) 57:51 Klass Murda 58:12 Rayvon 58:32 Johnny Wa 58:53 Chip Fu 59:13 Iman Shumpert 59:34 J.SOS 59:55 Manolo Bandz 1:00:16 Kitty Gata 1:00:35 Ghostface Killah 1:05:55 King Kirk (Sporty Thievz) 1:01:17 Big Dubez (Sporty Thievz) 1:01:38 Trae the Truth 1:01:58 Don Q 1:02:19 T.I. 1:02:39 KRS-One 1:03:00 E-40 1:03:21 MC Serch

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The fifth anniversary of Apollo Brown and Joell Ortiz’s collaborative album Mona Lisa is upon us and the duo are going to drop an anniversary edition of the project. But rather than it just being a re-release, this version will have two new songs. One of them is “About It” and you can check it out now.