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Somebody must be cutting onions in here. Drake releases the video for “God’s Plan” and it’s definitely going to move you. With a near million dollar budget for the video, Drake instead decided to give all the money away and it’s all captured in this video. No matter how you feel about Drake, you simply cannot deny the emotions captured in this video from the lives that he touched.



Detroit emcee and producer Black Milk will be back on the scene with Fever dropping later this month and drops off the song “True Lies” is advance of the album’s release.

“On the song, I talk about how traditions and institutions are used to keep people from questioning the world around them and from demanding more for themselves,” Black Milk says. “When I made the track, I envisioned a world full of zombies being told what to believe. Only a few come to realize most of what they’ve been taught about and within the institutions around them are lies to impede both personal and collective progress.”