1. CHAOS The Ill Supreme   •  

    Peace Premier!

    I have to first and foremost pay my respects to you and the Hip Hop legacy you and your partner; the late, great Keith “GURU” E. have built for my generation and I. The utmost gratritude and thanks goes to you both.

    The reason for my reaching out is I am a recording artist and well, frankly, I gotta have a Preemo track on my project! In the 20 plus years I’ve been listening to Hip Hop, I’ve always loved your sound and style of Boom Bap and always dreamt of what it would be like to have Dj Premier produce a cut for me. I am certain I have reached a comfortable time in my life musically and lyrically to get busy on your production. I don’t think I would disappoint/disrespect you and your work. I have always been a fan and it would be an honor to rock with you.

    I am currently residing in central Florida and I was born in Harlem and also lived in the Bronx. So I am fully aware of how East Coast Hip Hop has cultivated and evolved over the years. I’m not in this game to be something I’m not nor to waste anyones time or my own. I just love to do what I do and get inspired by like-minded individuals. If you can provide me with the info needed to take this venture to the next step at your earliest convenience I would greatly appreciate it. I’m looking forward to hearing from you so if there are any additional inquiries you have regarding myself and who I am, I’ll be glad to fill you in.
    Thank you again and have a productive day! “Do ya thing God”

    Respectfully, D. Matias aka CHAOS The Ill Supreme

    I have provided my HulkShare link but you can also Google CHAOS The Ill Supreme for more info.


  2. esdee   •  

    Waddup Preem,

    Where’s this famous album with the secret artist you should have announced there several weeks? I expect it from bumpy’s album. An entire album produced by DJ Premier, the game need that, we all need that.
    Peace and respect from little belgium.


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