A whole decade has gone by since the release of Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens and the duo have decided to release a new project that is a collection of songs that were recorded during those sessions but didn’t make the final cut. “On The Radio” is one of those joints liberated before In the Beginning: Before the Heavens drops.

“This song was our attempt to make a radio song exactly stating how we feel about the radio,” Blu explains. “Our way of keeping it true and not selling out even for the album. This is one of the songs that helped me get more open with writing the rest of the album. One of Exile’s oldest beats, he pulled that from deep out the vault. I was like… ‘oh, that’s me.’”

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KXNG Crooked releases a set of visuals for his introspective song “Too Ashamed” that addresses his issues with alcohol.

“More than a few people have told me that the first time they heard ‘Too Ashamed’ it moved them to tears because it reminded them of their struggles with sobriety,” Crooked says. “They also said the song motivates them to keep fighting the good fight. Those testaments are the reason I continue to make music. Some things are more important to me than awards and accolades.”