BRIT Awards 2015 - Show


Kanye West took to the stage overseas at the 2015 BRIT Awards to debut his new song “All Day” with a performance that included flamethrowers and a massive posse dressed in all black. The performance featured guest spots from Theophilus London and Allan Kingdom and English grime artists Novelist, Skepta, Jammer, Stormzy. It’s certainly a different vibe than his more adult contemporary tracks “Only One” and “FourFiveSeconds. And it should certainly appeal to Kanye fans looking for him to return to his rap roots.



The return of eLZhi comes in the form of “February” where the lyrically inclined emcee dances all over the piano-tinged 14KT production.



With the release of Fashawn’s The Ecology, Mass Appeal put together a documentary on the Fresno emcee’s upbringing that includes his family, friends and surroundings. Executive produced by Nas.

A glimpse into Fashawn’s Ecology and transformation from Santiago to Fashawn. The documentary explores the environment and influences that paved Fashawn’s path from Fresno’s familiar streets to his unfolding journey of sharing his art with a worldwide audience.

directed by Punit Dhesi



For several years there have been rumors circulating about a possible collaboration between DJ Premier and Eminem but nothing to date has materialized. But now, with Preemo and Eminem’s close friend, Royce Da 5’9″, releasing the critically acclaimed PRhyme album, as well as Eminem wearing a PRhyme hoodie in the Detroit Vs. Everybody video, one has to wonder whether or not these two will finally get in the studio.

DJ Premier addressed the rumors with the Huffington Post.

I don’t know if you disclose this information but there have been rumors that over the past year or so you’ve cut some records with Eminem. Any truth to that?

We never cut the records. We were going to do one and it just never materialized at the time. He scrapped those songs during the Relapse album. After PRhyme was done, I saw him when he was doing his Shady promotions and he said he loved the album and that we got to do something finally. We talked about it recently but still nothing materialized. We at least said we got to do something. At least we got to that point.



In a recent interview with Michigan’s M Live, Royce Da 5’9″ took the time out to address the current status of Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album Glass House.

You mentioned Slaughterhouse so I gotta ask: What’s the status of the new Glass House album?

With the Slaughterhosue album we kind of just feel like there’s no need to rush. The way that we came off our last album, there was no need to have to follow it up (quickly with another album). Shady, the (record) company I’m speaking of … we’re a self-contained company. So when Eminem decided he was going to do his album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, it was kind of like all guns blazin’ for that. And you know, then there was the Shady XV. And keep in mind that when these things were going on, all of us that are on Shady (Records) support that. So in the meantime, we (as Slaughterhouse) knew we had that window (to start working) while those projects were rolling out to take our time and create the best album possible.

That group dynamic right there, it’s really not about putting out as many albums as you can. I think with four guys in the group that good, the fans expect something close to a classic. They expect a great, solid album. So I figure why not take the time and create that? We realize what mistakes we made the last (album), based on the criticism and reading the comments. We were kind of paying attention to what people liked and what they didn’t like. And that was a good guide for us to go back in and come up with the best (expletive), picking the right beats, laughing about the best (expletive) … just being us. We were just being us and doing what we do best. I think people are going to be happy with (the new album), man. It’s pretty close to being done.

Do you have timeline in mind for the new Slaughterhouse album?

We pretty much got what we need. We’re nitpicking it right now, we’re nitpicking it right now. If we had to roll it out tomorrow we could. Right now it’s just nitpicking it … it’s letting Marshall nitpick it a little bit. Realistically, if we could shoot (for an album release) sometime in the summer, that would be perfect because I’m going to be out (on tour) with Prime (for PRhyme shows) until the end of March. So, I’m off the radar anyway until April. Once I get back home and get off (some PRhyme shows), then head overseas (for more PRhyme shows) and come back, I’ll be ready to roll out Slaughterhouse for sure, for sure.