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In a recent interview with Pepsi where DJ Premier revealed three of his favorite studio sessions in three different cities, the legendary producer opened up about working with the Notorious B.I.G. on “Unbelievable.”

“One of the best sessions was really doing “Unbelievable” with Biggie. I didn’t have time to do a track when he had already [almost] finished Ready To Die. He was like, ‘Yo. I need this last one. I need a B-side for my first single “Juicy.” I wanna play it for you.’ He came and played it for me, he hadn’t shot the video yet. He was like, ‘I need a beat where I gotta still do it for my [people] at home on the block.’

“I was like, ‘Yo, man. I don’t have anything to concentrate on right now and I don’t wanna hold you up.’ He said, ‘Man, I don’t care. I need something.’ So I told him to just come on up and come down.

“He came down and as soon as he walked in I was playing him those little notes. [Starts humming the intro to “Unbelievable” as we know it.] I was doing all of that. He was like, ‘Yo, I like that. Make it dance and not do the same rhythm.’ So I programmed in the beginning with the intro beats. [Starts beat boxing] And then I did the hook. He was like, ‘Yo. That’s it!’

“Now, the “Unbelievable” part with R. Kelly’s “Your Body’s Callin’”—I didn’t plan on putting that in there. I didn’t know if it was gonna be in the proper key. So when it came down to him asking me to put that in there, I did it. I did it the next day because I didn’t have the record on me at the time. This day and age I could have went straight to Harlem and did it. But it happened. It sounded exactly like how it was supposed to sound….

Read about how the song ended up in Funkmaster Flex’s hands and two more of Preemo’s favorite studio sessions here.



With Muddy Waters 2 on the way, Reggie Noble gets inspired by Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick’s masterpiece and links up with the legendary Marley Marl for their own rendition.

And now, some words from the Funk Doctor…

Uncle Marley great record Unc..I went to Unc house and we came up with this Thow Back to Hit yall wit !!! frm Dougie Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew (feat Slick Rick) “The Show”.



In case you haven’t watched it yet, comedian Jerrod Carmichael has an HBO comedy special that aired recently which was directed by Spike Lee with DJ Premier providing original Music. If you missed it, the special will be airing again on October 7th at 5:30pm on HBO2. But check out the clip of Jerrod discussing the worst time to misplace your car keys.

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Saigon kicks off his weekly F*ck It Fridays series with a fitting video.

Here are some words from Saigon himself…

Sometimes when u take on the task of being a responsible artist, it gets very overwhelming and sometimes U just wanna say “F*ck It”… This Friday Saigon releases his clip for his song “F*ck It” and introduces “F*ck It Fridays”.. Ya boss tripping “F*ck It”, U took and extra 30 min for lunch “F*ck It”. It’s “F*ck It Fridays”.

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