Blu & Exile will drop Miles: From An Interlude Called Life on July 17th. After dropping “Miles Davis” last month, the duo release the 9-minute “Roots of Blue” featuring Jacinto Rhines.

“The song is one of the strongest songs on the album,” Blue said of the song. “Its title says it all, ‘Roots Of Blue.’ On this song we took it back, all the way back.  Back to the very first people who have walked this earth that have influenced, or cultured or matured, my walk on this earth. Everyone except my immediate family. This song is my own personal family tree.”

RIOC 2018 (3)


DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
6/7/20 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 6/7/20 Playlist
1. Passport Rav “Black Love” (prod. by Trac-Qaeda)

2. The Bad Seed & Reckonize Real “Landlord Trippin'” (prod. by Deff Cutz)
3. ILL BILL x NEMS “Married To The Game” (prod. by Star Command)
4. Smoovth & Blacastan “Don’t Judge Me” (prod. by Stu Bangas)
5. King Author feat. Zagnif Nori “Noble Network” (prod. by Chuck Chan)
6. The Bad Seed & Reckonize Real “STOMP!” (prod. by Reckonize Real)
7. MC Eiht “3Eihty” (prod. by Ferhan C)
8. Think 2wice x Edd Bundy feat. Nico The Beast “You Got It”
9. Intel Selektah “Rudebwoy” (prod. by Oogatz)
10. Jay Royale feat. Skyzoo “Thousand Gram Figero” (prod. by MWP, cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
11. John Jigg$ “Its Like That” (prod. by Shining 88)
12. Real Bad Man feat. Elcamino “Take Over” (prod. by Real Bad Man)
13. Rob Twizz feat. Bizarre “Rhyme Related” (prod. by Dreamlife Beats, cuts by DJ Pain)
14. AZ “Found My Niche (FMN)” (prod. by The Czar-Keys)
15. Obnoxious “Jack Move” (prod. by Push Buttons Beats)
16. Conway & Big Ghost Ltd “Bricks To Murals” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
17. BodyBagBen & M.O.P “Lord Body” (prod. & cuts by BodyBagBen)
18. Pharoahe Monch feat. Styles P “Same Shit, Different Toilet” (prod. by Marco Polo)
19. Killarmy feat. ILL Bill, Killah Priest & 60 Second Assassin “Wake Up Pt. II” (prod. by 9th Prince)
20. Bobby J From Rockaway feat. Lil Dee “Swear To God” (prod. by Nef)
21. Vice Souletric “Father In My Life” (prod. by DJ Flash)
22. Blu & Exile “Miles Davis” (prod. by Exile)
23. Joell Ortiz & KXNG Crooked “Catchin’ Bodies” (prod. by Apollo Brown)
24. Jaz-O “So-So” (prod. by Mad Max Music)
25. 4-IZE “When I Rap” (prod. by Floyd The Locsmif)
26. Run The Jewels feat. 2 Chainz “Out Of Site” (prod. by Wilder Zoby, Little Shalimar & El-P)
27. John Jigg$ feat. Black Shah “Find A Way” (prod. by Ras Beats)
28. Vic Monroe “Soul Opera” (prod. by The SOULution)
29. Slim One feat. Blacastan & Madhattan “Mass Murdering” (prod. & cuts by Slim One)
30. Rigz & Mooch “77B Savage” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
31. Illa Ghee “Ladder 99” (prod. by Crummie Beats)
32. Barbaric feat. Alvarez Masterminded and Zagnif Nori “Black Jesus 2020” (prod. by Leunatic)
33. Nutso “Secret War” (prod. by CeeDaCuban)
34. Rasheed Chappell feat. Ché Noir “Eye Of The Storm” (prod. by 38 Spesh)
35. Jungle Brothers “Top” (prod. by BAM & Nicolas de Carlo)
36. Montana White feat. ILL BILL “Army Brigade” (prod. by GTK, cuts by D-Rec)
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With As God Intended on the way, Che Noir and Apollo Brown drop “’94” as Noir rhymes about the year that she fell in love with Hip Hop. Arguably one of the best years in the history of Hip Hop, the smooth production allows Che to pay homage to everyone who dropped albums in 1994.

RIOC 2018 (3)


DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
5/31/20 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)
“Rap Is Outta Control” 5/31/20 Playlist
1. BodyBagBen & M.O.P “Lord Body” (prod. & cuts by BodyBagBen)
2. The Musalini feat. Estee Nack “NBA” (prod. by P Souloist & Don D)
3. Vic Monroe “Rap For Listeners” (prod. & cuts by Tone Spliff)
4. Flee Lord & Chase Fetti “The Strong Arm” (prod. by 4ord)
5. Illa Ghee x Defekto “What Ya Life Like” (prod. by Defekto)
6. ILL BILL x NEMS “BONG!” (prod. by Shortfyuz)
7. Justo The MC & maticulous feat. Carlos of CMNY “Classic Material” (prod. by maticulous)
8. Dro Pesci “Life A Crime” (prod. by J.O.D)
9. Jaysaun “Kings” (prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah)
10. Miz Korona “Respect The Name” (prod. by DJ Static)
11. BodyBagBen “Good Shooter” (prod. by The Working Man, cuts by BodyBagBen)
12. Bub Styles “Bread on the Dish” (prod. by Spanish Ran)
13. Eto “The Pot” (prod. by The Alchemist)
14. Cedar Hill “Love Not Likes” (prod. by Lancecape)
15. Zagnif Nori “Zenith” (prod. by Castle Money Beats, cuts by DJ Enyoutee)
16. Apollo Brown x Che’ Noir feat. Black Thought “Hustle Don’t Give” (prod. by Apollo Brown)
17. Neek The Exotic feat. Philmore Greene “The Realm Of Realness” (prod. by Kapital)
18. Ameer xxx “Fried Hard” (prod. by Pete Rock)
19. Eto feat. Nyticka Hemingway “Nothin’ Like You” (prod. by Backpack Beats)
20. O’hene Savant “Pendemic 2020” (prod. by Ron Lawrence)
21. Tha God Fahim, Jay Nice & Left Lane Didon feat. Stack Skrilla “Rebirth”  (prod. by The Architect)
22. Real Bad Man feat. Blu, Lojii & Posdnuos “Real Mean” (prod. by Real Bad Man)
23. St. Ivan The Terrible “What We Do It For” (prod. by D.R.U.G.S. Beats)
24. Illa Ghee feat. Thorough “Tuned In” (prod. by Grayce Musik)
25. Justo The MC & maticulous “The Reason” (prod. by maticulous)
26. Singapore Kane “Dreams And Visions” (prod. & cuts by DJ Premier)
27. Big Brick “Spanglish” (prod. by JK1, cuts by Jake Case)
28. Freddie Black “Do My Thang” (prod. by Billy Rockwood, cuts by Tone Spliff)
29. Styles P “Noah And David” (prod. by Noah Styles)
30. Passport Rav “Black Love” (prod. by Trac-Qaeda)
31. Archie Bang feat. Davenport Grimes “Just Like You” (prod. by Audible Doctor)
32. ILL BILL x NEMS feat. Lord Goat “Shootout At The Cyclone” (prod. by ILL BILL)
33. John Jigg$ feat. Illa Ghee “Oprah” (prod. by DJ James90, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
34. Makeba Mooncycle “Grand Rising” (prod. by Lou Minoti)
Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 6.56.07 PM


Papoose pays homage to the many, many innocent black men and women who have been victims to police brutality and racism with his “Tribute.” The moving video serves as a reminder that the situation in this country is nothing new and hasn’t shown very much improvement.



In the midst of a community still reeling from the murder of George Floyd, Conway The Machine provides a rallying cry for those who are struggling with what is going on in the country. “Front Lines” finds Conway going in over Beat Butcha production to touch on the protests surrounding yet another incident where an unarmed black man has been killed by police.