Pittsburgh’s Goldsmith once recorded a song with Action Bronson and decides to release it today along with a curious message attached…

“We recorded the record at my parents house a few years ago. Action shook hands with both of my parents & thanked them for having him in their home. I haven’t heard from him since.”

Not even sure what to say about that. Just enjoy the music.



Actor Jonah Hill catches up with one of his favorite emcees for an interview in Interview Magazine full of awesomeness where the duo discuss music, absurd luxury and that whole body slamming thing Bronson does.

HILL: Dude, I’m not going to bring up the body-slamming shit. I’m sure you have to talk about it in every interview, but to me, just as a fan, I love it. I just think it’s amazing. It just adds to the mystique of Bronsonmania: When fools would come up on the stage, you body slam them.

BRONSON: Man, listen. This is what happens, I have to protect myself. A lot of these little fucking towns, the security guards are, like, half my fucking size. I’m like 5’8″, 5’9″ on my best day in Timberlands. And these dudes are smaller than me; they’re not doing shit, and kids get wild. They see one motherfucker do it, they get slammed violently, and it keeps on happening. They just want to be on World Star, or they just want to say, “Oh, Bronson slammed me!”

HILL: [laughs] There’s some ’80s wrestling element to it.

BRONSON: It’s a live show. My live show is based upon ECW [Extreme Championship Wrestling]. I always say that because the wrestlers used to go in the crowd and wrestle in the crowd, and it would get crazy. You might get hit with a chair, you might get a little blood on you. It was just fucking fun. I want people to have a good time. I want people to be able to touch me. I’m understanding now that I’m not going to be able to do that at every venue, but I’ve done it in Africa, with 55,000 people. I’ve done it in Australia, New Zealand—every country I’ve been in, I’ve been in the crowd. I don’t give a damn. But you know how it goes these days, man. What if I really fucking hurt somebody? Whose fault is it at that point? I’m not really sure, because I’m not going at them—they’re coming on to my stage. I’m paid to perform there, so I’m working there. There’s got to be some kind of workman’s compensation when I do something to somebody that’s trying to invade the work area. It almost went wrong really badly in Europe. Some kid jumped on stage, we threw him, and he flipped over. Who knows what the fuck happened. It’s not a good idea to do that. It puts me in crazy fucking jeopardy. You know about Dimebag Darrell [a founding member of Pantera who was killed on stage by a gunman]. Come on, man. I don’t want to get fucking Dimebag Darrell-ed. Let’s just knock on fucking wood, man, because I’m about to go on this goddamn world tour. Let’s hope that things go well.