DJ Premier has released the third volume of his Beats That Collected Dust series that started back in 2011. Obviously, you know what these are but it’s always fascinating when you find out that there are beats that Premier produced and sat on the shelf for years.

“I like unique releases, and Beats That Collected Dust is so unique,” Premier says. “The format is an original tool, just like talk beds, freestyles, writing verses, and just plain listening. I decide when to release these instrumental volumes when they reach the stage of collecting dust. So here we are; Beats That Collected Dust, Vol. 3 is here.”

Stream it all now.

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On this week’s episode of IDEA GENERATION, legendary producer DJ Premier takes us on a journey from his early days as part of the duo Gang Starr, to producing for then up-and-coming rapper Jay-Z and helping to shape his sound, to carving his own lane and becoming one of the greatest producers in hip hop history. And it all started with one idea.

0:00 – DJ Premier’s Journey in Hip-Hop
1:10 – Parents’ Careers and Early Creative Exposure
3:02 – Relationship with Travis Scott’s Father
4:37 – DJ Premier’s Perspective on Music Evolution
6:27 – From Aretha Franklin to Jackson 5
8:01 – Fresh Fest and the Birth of a Passion
9:48 – LL Cool J, Run DMC, Chuck D, and more
10:55 – From Blending to Scratching
12:01 – Choosing DJ Premiere as a name
13:04 – Pursuing Computer Science and Discovering Passion for Music
13:55 – Support from Parents and Working at a Record Store
16:00 – Making a Demo and Getting Noticed
20:06 – Joining Gang Starr and Developing a Sound
21:11 – Living and Working Together
23:03 – Defying Genre Labels
24:51 – Staying ahead of the trends
25:39 – Meeting Biggie Smalls
26:48 – Discovering Lady of Rage and Dr. Dre
27:12 – His evolution and collaborations with iconic artists
27:50 – Dynamic within Gang Starr
29:06 – The struggles of managing Guru
30:03 – A significant incident that impacted their relationship
31:25 – The story behind a classic song fight with Guru
32:14 – Overcoming creative block
33:02 – Unlocking the signature sound
33:07 – Making of “Mass Appeal”
33:57 – Collaboration with Biggie Smalls
34:27 – Impact of their music
36:12 – Personal Qualities and Humility
37:01 – Influence on Classic Albums
38:25 – Consistency and Evolution in Music
39:28 – Collaboration with Christina Aguilera
39:54 – Trusting His Instincts
40:13 – Coping with Guru’s Passing
43:56 – Rebuilding with Royce da 5’9″
46:48 – Conclusion and Future Outlook
47:48 – Change in Beat Sound with Adrian Young Music
49:11 – Becoming Aware of Travis Scott’s Musical Ambitions
50:32 – Scoring Movies and Creating a Cartoon
52:05 – Potential Collaborative Albums and Artists
54:40 – Embracing the Streaming Era and Rediscovering Joy and Passion