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Fashawn’s Exile-produced ode to his daughter Hannah get the visual treatment off of his critically acclaimed album The Ecology.

“The video brings the song to life in an organic and beautiful way. There isn’t enough positive images of young black men out there being fathers to their kids to begin with, especially in rap videos. I believe it’s a break from the norm and a side of me of that my audience doesn’t get to see everyday.”

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Dart Adams sat down with Fashawn before his show at the Middle East in Cambridge to discuss his first album “Boy Meets World” and the part of his life he was in when he wrote and recorded it. Moving on Dart gets into the 5 year gap between the release of “Boy Meets World” and “The Ecology”. Moving on Dart gets into talking about “The Ode to Illmatic” and how Fashawn released his “Illmatic” inspired record before the Detroit rapper Elzhi. Fashawn also touches on his worries with rapping over the beats and what inspired him to do it in the first place. Fashawn goes on to talk about his hometown of Fresno and what it was like coming up in that city compared to other more notable locations for California hip hop. To close it out we h