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Your Old Droog serves up this new joint right before he hits the road for The #EuroDROOG Tour and offers this message.

“Before I head out across the pond for The #EuroDROOG Tour, I’m dropping this joint produced by my man, DJ Skizz, that showcases my famed yet underutilized ‘George Benson from Remulak’ impression—it’s basically me scatting and rhyming along with the different sounds in the beat. (Peep the Kid ‘N’ Play reference in the song, too). If you’re in London, come check out the virtuosity live in the flesh on June 8 at the Jazz Cafe (hence the jazzy joint). Bring tea for the Republican Teaparty National Convention! Cop the Your Old Droog LP and Kinison EP on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and all that shit, and check for the Kinison EP on vinyl from July 10 too.”

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With Your Old Droog preparing to hit the road with PRhyme later this month, it’s appropriate that the emcee drops a new EP to whet the appetites of fans who are still reeling for his excellent debut LP. Kinison finds the Coney Island rhymeslinger kicking the linguistics over some vaguely rock fueled production courtesy of frequent collaborators which included DJ Skizz, El RTNC and Marco Polo.

Rolling Stone premiered the EP and caught up with Droog to discuss the project.

“It’s not like something we planned,” Droog tells Rolling Stone. “I was mentioning a lot of people from the rock world in my rhymes. It was like, ‘Yo, I think I gotta tie this thing around, ’cause it’s happening too much….Porno for Pyros…it’s like a dope way of saying your shit is fire. It’s kind of like useless trivia, so I’m making use of it. I just got memory for useless shit. I remember Meredith Brooks; I don’t know why.”