When it comes to output and quality, few match what Smoke DZA and Curren$y have accomplished over the years. So it only makes sense that they team up for a project of their own with Prestige Worldwide releasing on November 29. The tandem serve up a video for their first song from the project “3 Minute Manual.”

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We hope you’re still playing Gang Starr’s One Of The Best Yet at ignorant levels. And while you do that, consume yourself with the visuals for “Bad Name.” With good ol’ Spice Adams dropping by and Guru’s son Keith Casim Elam cutting his hair on camera for the role of his late father, “Bad Name” is an absolute sentimental moment for fans of the legendary duo.

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Joell Ortiz drops a video from his Monday album for “Anxiety” that deals with the perils of battling mental health issues.

“Mental Health awareness is more than just a hashtag or a month of the year dedicated to its cause. It’s an everyday issue. Millions of us struggle with anxiety, depression, PTSD and many other forms of mental illness. I just want everyone to know that they should never feel ashamed or be afraid to ask for help. You’re not weak or crazy or a failure. You’re human. And humans aren’t perfect. We’re flawed and delicate. Speak to a therapist. Talk to a friend. Exercise. Diet. Meditate. Do whatever it takes. You’re worth it. Who knows… Your story may help someone else. Like me.” — Joell Ortiz