In a recent interview with Michigan’s M Live, Royce Da 5’9″ took the time out to address the current status of Slaughterhouse’s upcoming album Glass House.

You mentioned Slaughterhouse so I gotta ask: What’s the status of the new Glass House album?

With the Slaughterhosue album we kind of just feel like there’s no need to rush. The way that we came off our last album, there was no need to have to follow it up (quickly with another album). Shady, the (record) company I’m speaking of … we’re a self-contained company. So when Eminem decided he was going to do his album, Marshall Mathers LP 2, it was kind of like all guns blazin’ for that. And you know, then there was the Shady XV. And keep in mind that when these things were going on, all of us that are on Shady (Records) support that. So in the meantime, we (as Slaughterhouse) knew we had that window (to start working) while those projects were rolling out to take our time and create the best album possible.

That group dynamic right there, it’s really not about putting out as many albums as you can. I think with four guys in the group that good, the fans expect something close to a classic. They expect a great, solid album. So I figure why not take the time and create that? We realize what mistakes we made the last (album), based on the criticism and reading the comments. We were kind of paying attention to what people liked and what they didn’t like. And that was a good guide for us to go back in and come up with the best (expletive), picking the right beats, laughing about the best (expletive) … just being us. We were just being us and doing what we do best. I think people are going to be happy with (the new album), man. It’s pretty close to being done.

Do you have timeline in mind for the new Slaughterhouse album?

We pretty much got what we need. We’re nitpicking it right now, we’re nitpicking it right now. If we had to roll it out tomorrow we could. Right now it’s just nitpicking it … it’s letting Marshall nitpick it a little bit. Realistically, if we could shoot (for an album release) sometime in the summer, that would be perfect because I’m going to be out (on tour) with Prime (for PRhyme shows) until the end of March. So, I’m off the radar anyway until April. Once I get back home and get off (some PRhyme shows), then head overseas (for more PRhyme shows) and come back, I’ll be ready to roll out Slaughterhouse for sure, for sure.

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Joey Bada$$ connects with SBTV while overseas for this quickstrike documentary of his time in Europe.

We hung out with Joey Bada$$ in London when he payed a visit from across the pond for the 2nd episode of US meets UK. He discusses the pro’s & con’s of being an independent artist, the vibe he looks for in music, inspirations, his personal achievements and more!



On May 5th, Masta Ace, Wordsworth and Stricklin will return after a seven year hiatus to deliver a brand new full length eMC album titled The Tonight Show. With a taste dropping after last year’s The Turning Point EP, now we will get 22-tracks of goodness with assistance coming from the likes of Diamond D, Xzibit, Sadat X and more. Check out the statement from Masta Ace below with the full tracklisting.

“We realize it’s been a long wait for the fans since the EP came out but I think the extra time in the studio really paid off. With the help of some very talented people in Hollywood and in the music industry we have really outdone ourselves. I can’t wait to see the fans react to this record. It’s an experience that goes beyond the great verses and hooks. I’m proud to be a part of this and to be in a group with two talented, responsible and grounded brothers like Stricklin and Wordsworth!”

01 The Departure (skit) f. Isabelle Camenzind
02 Fly Thoughts f. Pearl Gates (prod. Kic Beats)
03 The Opening (skit) f. Russell Peters, Tonedeff
04 The Monologue (prod. Diamond D)
05 The Green Room (skit) f. DJ Danica, Pearl Gates
06 Stoopid f. B-Real (prod. DJ Scienz)
07 The Male Groupie (skit) f. James “Faiz” Williams
08 Moopies f. Sadat X (prod. Deborah’s Son)
09 The Couch (skit) f. Russell Peters, Rosie Perez
10 Signtology f. Dion (prod. Kic Beats)
11 Triple Threat (prod. Flip the Soul Fisher)
12 The Car Jack (skit) f. Bklyn Science
13 It Ain’t Easy f. Marlon Saunders (prod. Mananz)
14 I Like You Like f. Strickie Love (prod. Koolade)
15 Scream f. Pav Bundy (prod. The ARE)
16 The Math Man (skit) f. Russell Peters, Timoor Anunnaki, Rosie Perez
17 Numbers f. Xzibit (prod. Pav Bundy)
18 Tony’s Room (skit) f. Bob Power, Tony Rock
19 Spun A Web (Remix) f. Tu Kora (prod. Pav Bundy)
20 A Way From Love f. Signif (prod. Skeematics)
21 The Closing (skit) f. Russell Peters, Steve “The Angry Merch Guy”
22 Outtakes



After suggesting it on the Juan Epstein show, Joe Budden has launched his own podcast. With the debut being called “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” because, well, he hasn’t come up with a name for it yet, Budden and guest Marisa Mendez shoot the breeze on a number of topics including past relationships, NBA All Star Weekend, strip clubs and more.