DJ ECLIPSE – RAP IS OUTTA CONTROL 8/5/18 Playlist (GUESTS: King Author, T.A.P.O.U.T. & Estee Nack)

DJ Eclipse

Rap Is Outta Control

August 5, 2018

“Rap Is Outta Control” 8/5/18 Playlist (w/King Author, T.A.P.O.U.T. & Estee Nack)
1. Tragedy Khadafi & BP feat. Ali Vegas “The World Is Mine” (prod. by BP)
2. Napoleon Da Legend “Black Swordsman” (prod. by EyeDee)
3. Estee Nack x Crucial The Guillotine feat. al.divino “MELLIZOYMAFIA” (prod. by Crucial The Guillotine)
4. Tha God Fahim “Dump Sluggah” (prod. by K-Sluggah)
5. King Author feat. SMGs & Zagnif Nori “Order 66” (prod. by Teddy Roxpin)
6. Allagrande feat. Daniel Son “Old Marauders” (prod. by Allagrande)
7. Rome Streetz “Dope On A Spoon” (prod. by Farmabeats)
8. Ty Da Dale feat. $auce Heist & Baby Maine Heist “Heist Forever” (prod. by Wazasnics)
9. Rim “You!” (prod. by t2music)
10. Realio Sparkzwell feat. Bliss “Smoking Lamas” (prod. & cuts by DJ Audas)
11. Estee Nack x Crucial The Guillotine “7POTENCIAS” (prod. by Crucial The Guillotine)
12. Starvin B “It’s Your Fault” (prod. by Fifth Element)
13. Neek The Exotic feat. Fredro Starr “Still Fakin’ The Funk”
14. Q-Unique “I Seen” (prod. by DJ Matvey)
15. John Jigg$ & Cuns “2096” (prod. by Cuns, cuts by PF Cuttin)
16. Tru Trilla feat. Prince AK “Process” (prod. by Chat One)
17. Estee Nack x Crucial The Guillotine “CORTINAS (CURTAINS)” (prod. by Crucial The Guillotine)
18. King Author “Duty” (prod. by EF)
19. Ty Farris feat. Bub Rock “Let It Run” (prod. by Foul Mouth)
20. Aztek feat. Guilty Simpson “We Made It” (prod. by Pig Pen)
21. Thorough (Thorough Rhymes & Crazy Beats) “Maria” (prod. by Crazy Beats)
22. Zoomo feat. Crimeapple “Looklike” (prod. by Zoomo)
23. DJ Rullbiza feat. Ruste Juxx & MCRE “Just Right” (prod. & cuts by DJ Rullbiza)
24. DJ Premier feat. Casanova “Wut U Said ???” (prod. & cuts by DJ Premier)
25. Jedi Mind Tricks “Death Toll Rising” (prod. by Stoupe & C-Lance)
26. Driz Lo “Nope!” (prod. by Kil)
27. Q-Unique “You Know Me” (prod. by Illinformed Beats, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
28. Kev Brown feat. Cy Young “Everything You Need To Win” (prod. by Kev Brown, cuts by DJ Jon Doe)
29. Ruste Juxx & Jake Palumbo feat. Ras Kass “Wake Up” (prod. by Jake Palumbo)
30. King Author, T.A.P.O.U.T. & Estee Nack Live Freestyle!
31. King Author feat. T.A.P.O.U.T. “The Black and the Brown” (prod. by Willy Low & EvillDewer)

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