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Rap Is Outta Control
3/12/23 Playlist
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Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 3/12/23 Playlist (w/Sean Links & BigShot)
1. Timbo King “Rock It Science” (prod. by Shaka Amazulu The 7th)
2. WRD Life feat. Spit Gemz “Pataki Slippers” (prod. by Nebla)
3. Fazeonerok “Cold Turkey” (prod. by Nar)
4. XP The Marxman “Mexican Mandalorian”
5. Che Noir & Big Ghost Ltd feat. Planet Asia “Caps Lock” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd, cuts by D-Styles)
6. Agallah Don Bishop “Gawd Memoirs” (prod. by Agallah)
7. Sean Links & Hxlysmxkes “Radioactive” (prod. by Hxlysmxkes)
8. Bigshot “Come To Light” (prod. by The Wave)
9. Lil Dee “Move Too Fast” (prod. by Vinny McBeth)
10. Mickey Blue feat. Outerspace “Point Em Out” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
11. The Last Emperor “At Large” (prod. by DJ Madsol Desar)
12. Al Skratch & Team Demo “When I Hit That” (prod. by Team Demo)
13. Sean Links & Hxlysmxkes “Mystery Gang” (prod. by Hxlysmxkes)
14. Jojo Pellegrino feat. Method Man “Smoke” (prod. by ShortFyuz)
15. Shortee Blitz feat. Dezert Eagle & Beni Laylo “Play Your Card” (prod. & cuts by Shortee Blitz)
16. William Bostick “Skateboard Lordz” (prod. by Wiliam Bostick)
17. Whata Mess & Bad Lungz & Raze The Ratchet “Po”p (prod. by Sick Thor)
18. Rome Streetz & Big Ghost Ltd feat. Lukey Cage “Royal Flush” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
19. Sean Links & Hxlysmxkes “Nasty Work” (prod. by Hxlysmxkes)
20. Bigshot “On Mamas” (prod. by Lethal Needle)
21. Bub Rock “Opal” (prod. by Backpack Beatz)
22. Timbo King “Royal Fam” (prod. by Shaka Amazulu The 7th)
23. Supastition “Closure” (prod. by Supastition)
24. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Buck Dudley “My Old Plug Still Pussy FYM” (prod. by Buck Dudley)
25. Che Noir & Big Ghost Ltd feat. 7xvethegenius “Veracruz” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
26. Bigshot “Pop Intro” (prod. by Pockets Beats)
27. NapsNDreds feat. Wordsworth “Quik Routes” (prod. by 88blessedbeats)
28. Four Elements & Beyond feat. Planet Asia “Recognize The Real” (prod. by Freak Tha Monsta, cuts by Shy The BeatYoda)
29. BigShot & Sean Links Freestyle!

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