RIOC 2022


DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
5/15/22 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 5/15/22 Playlist
1. Chase Fetti & Osbe Chill “Sooner Or Later” (prod. by Osbe Chill)
2. Jus P feat. Killa Kali “Comedy” (prod. & cuts by Swab)
3. Sean Links x Jamil Honesty feat. P.U.R.E. & Josiah The Gift “Winner Takes All” (prod. by Jamil Honesty)
4. XP The Marxman & DJ Rhettmatic feat. Sick Jacken “Tom Fears” (prod. & cuts by DJ Rhettmatic)
5. Czarface “Walk Thru Walls” (prod. by The Czar-Keys, cuts by DJ 7L)
6. Agallah Don Bishop feat. Skip Lyve “The Fire” (prod. by Agallah)
7. MenaceTheDJ “The Villain” (prod. by MenaceTheDJ)
8. Nature “Familia” (prod. by Little Vic)
9. Amazing Maze & Da Boz Man “What Yall Been Waiting For” (prod. by Amazing Maze, cuts by DJ Danetic)
10. G.S. Advance “Dirty Sinks” (prod. by G.S. Advance)
11. Pawz One & Evolve “Bo Jackson” (prod. by Breeze)
12. A-F-R-O x Tone Spliff “Speed Of Light” (prod. & cuts by Tone Spliff)
13. Canibus “Princibly This” (prod. by Pete Rock)
14. Real Bad Man feat. Rome Streetz “Big Boy Deli” (prod. by Real Bad Man)
15. Rockness Monsta “Smoke Lord” (prod. by Big Ape)
16. Blaq Poet & DC Pelon feat. Nems, Ruste Juxx & Spit Gemz “Apex Jungle” (prod. by DC Pelon)
17. The Good People “The Fat Lacing” (prod. by Brutal Caesar)
18. Mark 4ord x Pok Dogg “Drunk” (prod. by Weirdo)
19. Terror Van Poo feat. Tonz “Pushin Da Pen” (prod. by Vinny Idol)
20. Pusha T feat. Kanye West “Dreamin Of The Past” (prod. by Kanye West)
21. Wais P & Pete Twist feat. Eto “Coup d’etat” (prod. by Pete Twist)
22. Zaza God feat. Pro Dillinger & GREA8GAWD “Heard You” (prod. by Irie)
23. P.U.R.E. feat. Jamil Honesty “Sword Holderz” (prod. by D.R.U.G.S. Beats)
24. Jae Skeese & Big Ghost Ltd “Stick-Up” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd), cuts by D-Styles
25. M.A.V. & Finn feat. Saipher Soze “Gen 5” (prod. by Finn)
26. Bub Styles “Shabbat Morning” (prod. by Jazzsoon)
27. Kloke feat. Shyheim Rugged & The One Chadio “Getcha Mind Right” (prod. by Track-Pro)
28. Diamond D “The Rear View” (prod. by Nottz)
29. Dookie Bros (Shy The BeatYoda & Franchise) “Shit On Em” (prod. & cuts by Shy The BeatYoda)
30. NapsNDreds feat. Wordsworth “No Waiting List” (prod. by Dub Z)
31. Dom Pachino “Illest Latin Rapper” (prod. by Dub Sonata, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
32. Heem B$F “Don Mega” (prod. by Marc Spano)
33. D.V. Alias Khryst feat. Doza The Drum Dealer “Relentless” (prod. by Doza the Drum Dealer)
34. 3 The God Way (Kaimbr, Sean Born & Let The Dirt Say Amen) feat. Uptown XO “Amin” (prod. by Sean Born, cuts by DJ 2 Tone Jones)

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