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DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
11/21/21 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 11/21/21 Playlist

1. OC From NC “A Hunting Accident” (prod. by B Squared)
2. Price Stylez “No Good” (prod. by Price Stylez, Mcredible & Confidence)
3. Recognize Ali feat. Vinnie Paz & ILL BILL “Godly Men” (prod. by Sultan Mir)
4. Emskee “They Keep On Laughin” (prod. by MiLKCRATE, cuts by Tone Spliff)
5. Fashawn & Sir Veterano “Crown Royal” (prod. by Sir Veterano. cuts by DJ Revolution)
6. Napoleon Da Legend & Amerigo Gazaway “Everything Fresh” (prod. & cuts by Amerigo Gazaway)
7. Kev Brown x J Scienide “Highest Science” (prod. by J Scienide, cuts by DJ Jon Doe)
8. Sime Gezus “Broken Circuit” (prod. by Kappy D, cuts by DJ Nate Da Great)
9. Vincent, The Owl “Rum Ham” (prod. by J Brav)
10. Snoop Dogg feat. Benny The Butcher, Jadakiss & Busta Rhymes “Murder Music” (prod. by Nottz)
11. Prop Hustler feat. Pacewon “Yellow Tape” (prod. by Domingo)
12. Ransom & Rome Streetz “No Remorse” (prod. by Streezy)
13. Illa Ghee “Haters” (prod. by Jewels Polaar)
14. Hus Kingpin feat. Canibus “Desperados Pt. 2” (prod. by Macapella)
15. Rasheed Chappell – XP The Marxman feat. Jeanette Berry “Coke Pirouette” (prod. by Reckonize Real)
16. Nolan The Ninja “carte blanche” (prod. by Nolan The Ninja & VIBSNDS, cuts by Cutbird)
17. Nejma Nefertiti “American Gods” (prod. by CastMerck, cuts by DJ Scribe)
18. Recognize Ali “Animal Instincts” (prod. & cuts by Swab)
19. DJ Muggs feat. Rigz & Mooch “God Killa” (prod. by DJ Muggs)
20. Wavy Da Ghawd feat. Rome Streetz “1000 Volts” (prod. by Wavy Da Ghawd)
21. Joell Ortiz feat. Sheek Louch “Love Is Love” (prod. by Heatmakerz)
22. DJ JS-1 & WES STUDII (JS & WES) feat. Guilty Simpson & Craig G “Aunt Mary” (prod. by DJ JS-1)
23. Rasheed Chappell – XP The Marxman “Ganji” (prod. by Slide Beatz)
24. Precyce Politix & D.R.U.G.S. Beats “Bulletproof Arrogance” (prod. by D.R.U.G.S. Beats)
25. Sean Links, Sibbs Roc & Slang Hugh “Last Original” (prod. by Slang Hugh)
26. Jameel Na’im X & Mephux feat. Flee Lord “Winning” (prod. by Mephux)
27. Guillotine Shark “Intro” (prod. & cuts by Shy The BeatYoda)
28. Saga feat. Lezeppo “1,000 Yard Stare” (prod. by Saga, cuts by Tone Spliff)
29. Thruway feat. Aye Wun & Superbad Solace “QNYC” (prod. by Mbeat)
30. Shame feat. Carlitta Durand “Come Too Far” (prod. by Homage)
31. DJ RP Beats & Sincereluvdagod “Intro (The Spear And The Shield Part 2)” (prod. by DJ RP Beats)
32. Tone Chop & Frost Gamble “Into One Two” (prod. by Frost Gamble)
33. C-Lance feat. Jarren Benton & G-Mo Skee “Lord Of Illusions” (prod. by C-Lance)
34. Dom Pachino “What People Say” (prod. by Mr. Tera)
35. DJ Muggs feat. Roc Marciano “Absolem Reprise Part 1” (prod. by DJ Muggs)

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