Back in January, DJ Premier announced that he was forming a live band and took to Osaka and Japan for their debut performances. Finally, the band comprised of DJ Premier (Turntables), Brady Watt (Bass), Lenny “The Ox” Reece (Drums), Takuya Kuroda (Horns and Keys) & Corey King (Trombone and Keys) are taking their talents stateside with a performance at the Brooklyn Bowl in NYC on June 13th.

Premier explained his desire to bring live instrumentation to his show.

“I’ve always wanted to put a band together because I come from the 70’s when bands were everywhere in all genres,” DJ Premier said. “The only addition is turntables and my voice as the only lead.”

After the success overseas, Preemo said it was pretty much a no-brainer to bring the show to the state that is recognized as the birthplace of hip hop.

“We tested it out for Billboard Live in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan and it went very well so this is another dart on the scoreboard,” he said.

So what is there to expect when the legendary producer hits the stage with a live band? Obviously, it will put a new spin on DJ Premier’s classics. But Preemo says that you can expect more than just DJ Premier classics from the live band.

“We get busy and have so many songs to choose from,” he said. “Not just DJ Premier Productions, all kinds so it’s gonna be a long ride of more greatness.”

Pick up your tickets to the show here.

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