Gang Starr: The True Heads Merch Mix

This is for the true Gang Starr heads that not only love the classic singles, but love the rarely played album cuts, B-Sides, rare collabos and not your regularly mixed records.

We wanted something to go along with the launch of our Official Gang Starr Shop and we will continue to keep the legacy going. Shouts to GURU and Lil Guru(KC), Lana, Justin, the whole Elam family and the Gang Starr Foundation for staying strong throughout the whole loss of our soldier, father, lyricist and MC”. Love can never be shattered and that’s what we bring everyday all day.

-DJ Premier

Gang Starr: One Of The Best Yet

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  1. the TRUTH   •  

    I want to be the first to thank everyone who played a hand in helping Guru and Premier chase their dreams to become one of the best yet!

    Premier you have had such an influence as to what a hip hip professional should be. You are humble, you share the credit with others and just bring the raw sound of the streets. Your music relates to the struggle as it should. You stayed in the street with your fans and it’s been nothing but peace. You don’t know me, but from the bottom of my heart, thank you for saving my life and giving me a lifetime of good records to spin!

  2. Lorenzo Jacobs   •  

    I love this! Guru’s legacy on the mic and Premo legendary status on the Steel is priceless! !

  3. Daniel   •  

    The Squeeze! Dopest joint ever.

  4. Mozefock   •  

    Where is the download link for this mixtape? Soundcloud doest work & I cannot even stream the mixtape!

    thank you for fixing it!

  5. mattw   •  

    Hey Preemo the link doesn’t work man. Can’t wait to hear it.

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  7. DJTrueSkills   •  

    Wow its finally official, bout time hope the Tees are not the thin ones you see at those retail stores.

  8. Big Mark   •  

    I been waiting for the posthumous Gang Starr album. Can we get an update soon?

  9. Henry   •  

    Anyone else not getting the download link?

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