Welcome to Premier Wuz Here

Welcome to my official website, Premier Wuz Here. We got a lot of great stuff coming to you this year so be sure to check back here and sign up for our mailing list on the side bar for exclusive offers and content. Thank you all for the support. much love – DJ Premier


  1. Doggnose   •  

    Congrats on your Website.

  2. luis cruz   •  

    yo premo u da man real talk ive been down since gangstar and i look up to you as the number one producer in the world your the soul of nyc ive been getting your mix tapes that you been putting out and im tryn to get all the exclusive mix tapes or nowadayz cds i moved to florida but there isnt much of are new york style of bodagas that sell your mix tapes and im not tryn to fuck with boot leg billy im tryn to get at u direct and that way i dont miss a damn thing nobody out here knows what time it is when it comes to your mixtapes or real hip hop so get at me im down for tha cause dogg

  3. Brian   •  

    glasgow scotland

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