Bishop Lamont is joined by Demigodz Ryu and Apathy to wax political poetic about the coming election and the problems facing Americans on the appropriately titled “Un-American” off of Lamont’s The Reformation.

“I made ‘Un-American’ because I feel like this whole election thing is rigged,” Bishop Lamont told Complex. “Politics are bullshit, and the labels of Republican, Democrat, independent, etc, only help to divide us more from each other. We are all humans, facing mortality, cancer, diabetes, and everyday challenges just to exist, on a planet that continues to grow sicker and sicker from the abuse we are inflicting upon it. No one person we elect can change our lives, or our world. We all have to take responsibility, and do our part to change the world.”

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  1. Roger   •  

    Cool concept, but seriously misguided. In his answer, he talks about coming together, yet in this song he just targets one group of individuals, and finds complete blame in a single party. This will misguide youth, should of kept it Premiere style, and spit a ryhme that reaches all people.

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