RIOC 2018 (3)


DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
6/28/20 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)
“Rap Is Outta Control” 7/5/20 Playlist
1. Pryme Prolifik feat. Sadat X “WhatIzASinner” (prod. by DJ Ben Workin)
2. Family Gang Black “Rock City Life” (prod. by Slang Hugh)
3. ILL BILL x NEMS feat. Vinnie Paz “Wolves” (prod. by Josh The Goon)
4. Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas “Voodoo Lord” (prod. by Stu Bangas)
5. Styles P “Next Event” (prod. by Dayzel the Machine)
6. Rob Viktum feat. Sadat X & Vic Spencer “Covid Currency” (prod. by Rob Viktum, cuts by DJ Face)
7. K. Sluggah feat. Recognize Ali, Lyric Jones & Tri-State “Chaingunners” (prod. by K. Sluggah)
8. Wize Crack & Byrd Land “Carpe Diem” (prod. by The Architect)
9. Bub Styles X Nems “Fat Farm” (prod. by Ace Fayce)
10. Aye Wun “Wild Gaucho” (prod. by Milano Constantine)
11. THE FIX (Jamil Honesty x DJ Grazzhoppa) “Word2motha” (THE FIX Remix)
12. Conway & Big Ghost Ltd feat. Flee Lord “Sicarios” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
13. Buckwild feat. Nick Grant “Violent Man” (prod. by Buckwild)
14. Solomon Childs “Gassed Up” (prod. & cuts by Tone Spliff)
15. Casual feat. Izrell “Never Say It To Us” (prod. by Big Head Science)
16. Fatt Father “Burn Somethin” (prod. by Becoming Phill)
17. Agallah Don Bishop feat. Baby Eazy E “Compton to Brooklyn” (prod. by Agallah)
18. Estee Nack x Al.Divino “Visa’s Off The Dark Web” (prod. by Ewonee)
19. Bishop Lamont feat. Mopreme Shakur, Sick Jacken, B-Real & The D.O.C. “Go Time” (prod. by Nick Speed & Chrix Noxx)
20. Tri-Negus “History Lesson” (prod. by Abraham Lilson)
21. Family Gang Black “Ventilation” (prod. by Sibbs Roc)
22. Milano Constantine “Big Apple” (prod. by Sirplus, cuts by DJ Skizz)
23. Slim One feat. Rome Streetz & Ty Farris “Streetz of Rome” (prod. by Slim One)
24. nAvi the NORTH feat. Thrust “Chruss” (prod. by nAvi the NORTH)
25. B.A.M. “I’m Blessed” (prod. by Bishop B.A.M. Beatz)
26. Breez Evahflowin “Silver Dollar” (prod. by Khrome)
27. Blimes and Gab feat. Method Man “Hot Damn (Remix)” (prod. by Lou Koo & Cambo)
28. Real Bad Man feat. Mooch, Rigz, and Flee Lord “Weighin Em Wrong” (prod. by Real Bad Man)
29. THE FIX (Jamil Honesty x DJ Grazzhoppa) feat. Ace Cannons “Chamber Music” (prod. & cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa)
30. Defari and Mike City “Don’t Shoot” (prod. by Mike City)
31. Gee Bag x Illinformed feat. Doug Sure “Dog House” (prod. by Illinformed)
32. DJ Enyoutee & Starvin B feat. Planet Asia “Won’t Be No Discussion” (prod. by Castle Money Beats, cuts by DJ Enyoutee)
33. Nick Grant & Tae Beast “Feds” (prod. by Mario Luciano)
34. Spittzwell X Boog Brown “The Seed” (prod. by Spittzwell)
35. Nejma Nefertiti “QueenTona 500” (prod. by Breakbeat Lou)

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