RIOC 2018 (3)


DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
6/21/20 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 6/21/20 Playlist

1. The Opioid Era “B.M.S.O.C.” (prod. by Problem)
2. Vic Monroe “Old Cat” (prod. by The SOULution)
3. Illa Ghee feat. Thorough “Tuned In” (prod. by Grayce Musik)
4. 4-IZE feat. J-Live, Anthony David & Senor Kaos “Hard To Quit The Rhyme 2.0” (prod. by Floyd The Locsmif)
5. Tru Trilla feat. Middy Murdock “God’s Partical” (prod. by Clinton Place)
6. Napoleon Da Legend “Pernell Whitaker” (prod. by Napoleon Da Legend, cuts by Giallo Point)
7. Boob Bronx “Hurricane Hugo” (prod. by Kheyzine)
8. Flee Lord “Heron” (prod. by DJ Shay)
9. Agallah Don Bishop feat. Inspectah Deck “Church” (prod. by Agallah)
10. Neek The Exotic feat. Innocent? “2 The Hard Way” (prod. by Kapital)
11. BP & E CLASS “One Day at a Time” (prod. by BP)
12. DNTE “Chapstick” (prod. by DNTE)
13. Spit Gemz “Dear Mr Iscariot” (prod. by Level 13)
14. Iron Sheikh feat. Columbo Black “Flat Broke” (prod. by Gwop Sullivan)
15. King Magnetic “Time Will Tell” (prod. by DJ E.REX)
16. Flee Lord & Buckwild “Can’t Fuck Wit Flee” (prod. by Buckwild)
17. Savageland “7th Trumpet” (prod. by Reckonize Real)
18. 4th Disciple feat. Sadat X & Jisiri X “Wat Hapn” (prod. by 4th Disciple)
19. Public Enemy “State Of The Union (STFU)” (prod. & cuts by DJ Premier)
20. Spit Gemz “The Shovel” (prod. by Termanology & Melks)
21. Hus Kingpin feat. Supreme Cerebral “Gun Shot Hop” (prod. by Stoupe)
22. Hakim Green feat. Thirstin How The 3rd “Papi’s Place” (prod. by Will Tell)
23. staHHr & Crazy DJ Bazarro  “Barberella” (prod. & cuts by Crazy DJ Bazarro)
24. Skyzoo “A Song For Fathers” (prod. by illmind)
25. Agallah Don Bishop “Deep End Verse” (prod. by Duke Westlake)
26. Killarmy feat. Rev Burk & Cappadonna “Mediterranean Flow” (prod. by 9th Prince)
27. Ghost of the Machine x DJ Proof feat. Maz Wun “Hannibal Barca” (prod. by DJ Proof)
28. Big Brick “Glory” (prod. by Myth)
29. Moe Dirdee “Eclipsed” (prod. by DertBeats)
30. Godforbid feat. Kemo The Blaxican “No More Love Songs” (prod. by Jeremy Page)
31. Terror Van Poo & Innocent? feat. Skanks The Rap Martyr “Safer Song” (prod. by Vinny Idol)
32. Slik Jack feat. Edo.G “No Introductions” (prod. & cuts by Statik Selektah)
33. Astro Vandalist feat. Recognize Ali “Make Way” (prod. & cuts by Astro Vandalist)
34. Fredro Starr “Punk MCs” (prod. by Chyskillz)
35. Napoleon Da Legend “People First” (prod. by Onion Cuore)
36. Knowledge The Pirate “BTP” (prod. by E.L.E.M.N.T.)

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