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DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
10/15/23 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 10/15/23 Playlist (w/ DJ Divine & Chucky Chuck)

  1. DJ Divine “Get Into The Mix” (prod. by Spyder-D)
  2. Bobby Craves x Fazeonerok “The Nickels” (prod. by nar)
  3. Ras Kass feat. Canibus “Avatar Gangsta” (prod. by Stu Bangas)
  4. Kut One feat. Rasheed Chappell “It’s My Word” (prod. & cuts by Kut One)
  5. Ransom feat. 38 Spesh & Che Noir “Scape Goats” (prod. by Prophecy)
  6. Big Dese x Mike Martinez “Shoosh” (prod. by Mike Martinez)
  7. MenaceTheDJ “I’m Ready” (prod. & cuts by MenaceTheDJ)
  8. Rasheed Chappell feat. Jasmine Lopez “Keep On Shining” (prod. by The Arcitype)
  9. iNTELLECT feat. Kaboose “The Soulution” (prod. by brokenfinga, cuts by DJ Sean P)
  10. DJ Akil & Starvin B feat. A.Fontaine “Old Heads” (prod. by DJ Akil)
  11. Napoleon Da Legend feat. Crazy DJ Bazarro “Bravery” (prod. by Napoleon Da Legend)
  12. Cymarshall Law & Slimline Mutha “Find The Top” (prod. by Slimline Mutha)
  13. William Bostick “Back 2 Da East (Lower East Side) (prod. by Versatile Beats)
  14. Agallah “Shannon Briggs” (prod. by Agallah)
  15. Spyder-D feat. DJ Divine, Spyder-C & Sparky D “Placin’ The Beat” (prod. by Spyder-D)
  16. Da Beatminerz feat. KRS-One “Seckle” (prod. by Da Beatminerz)
  17. One 2 Seven “Methods” (prod. by Leo DaVincci)
  18. PIZZO “Wells” (prod. by Hi-Q)
  19. Czarface feat. Nems “You Know My Style” (prod. by DJ 7L & JL Hodges)
  20. Chillowproductions & DJ Grazzhoppa feat. Venomous2000 “Fly Ego” (prod. & cuts by Chillowproductions & DJ Grazzhoppa)
  21. D-Styles & J Scienide “Slovakia” (prod. & cuts by D-Styles)
  22. DJ Divine Live Clip
  23. Real Bad Man & Blu “The Hurt” (prod. by Real Bad Man)
  24. David Bars “Understood” (prod. by Jimmy Dukes)
  25. Madsol Desar “Window” (prod. & cuts by Madsol Desar)
  26. RhymeStyleTroop x The Dead Poetz Society “Grow Thru It” (prod. by The Dead Poetz Society)
  27. SCATTA R.Pee “Shake It” (prod. by Divine Drummah)
  28. The Awesome 2 feat. KRS-One “Still Awesome” (prod. by Jesse West)

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