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DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
9/5/21 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 9/5/21 Playlist

1. Nas “Store Run” (prod. by Hit-Boy)

2. Thorough “Sedatives” (produced by CrazyBeatsP)
3. The Bad Seed feat. Boopee “El Diablo” (prod. by Team Demo)
4. Saigon feat. Benny The Butcher “No Witness” (prod. by Buckwild & B Hawk)
5. Recognize Ali “I Am The Light” (prod. by Karnate, cuts by Tone Spliff)
6. Big Twins x DJ Woool “Prime Time” (prod. by DJ Woool)
7. Trife Diesel feat. Tek, Ruste Juxx & Mistah F.A.B. “Piano Talk (prod. by Trife Diesel)
8. Dibiasi “GODfidence Intro” (prod. by Big Jack)
9. Flee Lord & Roc Marciano “Slow Down” (prod. by Roc Marciano)
10. Neek The Exotic + Large Professor feat. Innocent? “Watch Em” (prod. by Bumpy Knuckles)
11. Stezo feat. Grand Puba, Chris Lowe, Chubb Rock & Kia Jefferies “Check One, Two..” (prod. by Chris Lowe)
12. Mr. Green feat. Jadakiss “Street Champion” (prod. by Mr. Green)
13. Tanya Morgan “No Tricks” (prod. by Brick Beats)
14. Torchington “Hope” (prod. by L. David)
15. Napoleon Da Legend “20 Steps” (prod. by DUS)
16. Killer Mike feat. Talib Kweli “YES!” (RIOC Version)” (prod. by MenaceTheDJ, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
17. Lucky Tatt “Answer To A Question” (prod. by Endemic Emerald)
18. Young Noble x Conway x DJ Premier “Lessons Of Legends” (prod. by Deladiea, intro beat & cuts by DJ Premier)
19. M.A.V. & Swab feat. Rigz “Tequila Sunrise” (prod. by Swab)
20. ETO “Efforts” (prod. by SHARP.)
21. Dave East & Harry Fraud “60 For The Lawyer” (prod. by Harry Fraud)
22. Bub Styles x Farma Beats feat. ARXV “Just a Phase” (prod. by Farma Beats)
23. Wrd Life “Just The Way It Is” (prod. by Shanty Gallos)
24. Bang Belushi x Wavy Da Ghawd “Barz” (prod. by Wavy Da Ghawd)
25. Westside Gunn feat. Rome Streetz “Peri Peri” (prod. by Denny Laflare)
26. Prop Hustler feat. Bizarre & Pacewon “Different Beast” (prod. by OP Supa)
27. TCF x BSF feat. Benny The Butcher & Ransom “Spineless” (Big Ghost Ltd Remix)
28. Stu Bangas feat. Snak The Ripper and Young Sin “Outta My Way” (prod. by Stu Bangas, cuts by D-Rec)
29. IamGAWD “HHWND” (prod. by Doc Da Mindbenda)
30. Defari “One Day At A Time (The Proceeding)” (prod. by Kid Sublime)
31. Thorough “Soul Glo” (prod. by Pete Rock)
32. Agents Of Reform (Rhinoceros Funk & Yahzeed) “Evidence”
33. Nems feat. Tony Sunshine “You & I” (prod. by Charlie G)
34. Enemy Radio “These Are The Breaks!” (prod. by C-Doc)

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