In the spirit of hip hop, Joe Budden goes right for Drake’s neck after Joey felt the lyrics from Drizzy’s “4pm In Calabasas” were subliminal shots at him. The gloves come off and Budden fires a lyrical onslaught that is going to be hard for the Toronto rapper to ignore.

“I come from a hip-hop where if you didn’t have something to say, then, nigga, what the fuck were you rapping for,” Joey told Pitchfork. “I’m tired of rappers addressing things in every other manner in passion but rap. I’m not addressing Drake, or addressing Meek because I am malicious toward either of them or I wish either one of them harm or ill will. I am celebrating hip-hop. I want the people who I deem–I want the people who are talented to be talented.

“I just want this to be a moment in hip-hop because it is. Me, as an MC, I’m my own worse critic. I’ve listened to “Making a Murderer” a million times and it’s chilling. It’s chilling when you just understand it. It’s a clear message, line in the sand, to all MCs. I’m not playing no more.”

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