On December 8, KXNG Crooked will release the sequel to last year’s excellent Good vs. Evil with part two. To get things rolling, Crook is joined by Royce 5’9″ for the brooding “Truth (Why You Mad).”

“When I first started creating Good Vs Evil I wondered how I would get my audience to listen to a project covering social injustice, racism, classism etc. in a climate where most rappers are making music about poppin’ Xanax and drinking lean” Crooked commented. “My immediate afterthought was who gives a fuck what other artists are doing, Hip-Hop needs this album! Look at the world today. We have a president whose ex-wife is on record saying she was raped by him. We have police officers who are on film killing unarmed citizens with no consequences. We have entire cities like Flint, MI drinking poisonous water. Good Vs Evil 2 is just as necessary as part one. From the production to the content to the music sequencing to the artwork everything is designed to provoke thought. And the shit slaps too!”

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