1. ItlnStln   •  

    A.L. was dope back in the day. If I’m not mistaken, he’s the brother or cousin of the Beatnuts’ Psycho Les.

  2. Dj Mike Nice   •  

    AL is the longtime homey. I went to St Johns University with him A Butta of Natural Elements as well as Absolute. I heard about this session many moons ago this was done around the time 5 star generals was done. AL had come to my crib to record a freestyle and was like Mike this kid from Detroit MnM is dope peep his demo. I’m a let AL know about this. Ayo Preem I hit up your mngmt with an email need to holla at ya for something major for 2015

  3. A.L.   •  

    This def a dope freestyle shouts Solo Vibes for putting this out been blessed and I continue to make music peace to Mic Nice also and thanks for the love Itinstln just to let you know I’m not related to Psycho Les but we are family really great friend him and JUJU

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