Skyzoo drops another gem from his upcoming Music For My Friends project.

“The idea behind the record was to put together something that really felt like the city. Something that really felt like the NY that I know and grew up in. From the content to the beat, it feels like expensive cars driven by guys from down the block who figured out a way to get whatever they want and celebrate those realizations. That’s how the city looked and felt to me growing up, and I wanted to build something like that for this generation that still tied into the album’s overall theme of innocent ignorance and misguided desires.”

720x405-YOD Webster Hall by Seher Sikandar


Your Old Droog serves up this new joint right before he hits the road for The #EuroDROOG Tour and offers this message.

“Before I head out across the pond for The #EuroDROOG Tour, I’m dropping this joint produced by my man, DJ Skizz, that showcases my famed yet underutilized ‘George Benson from Remulak’ impression—it’s basically me scatting and rhyming along with the different sounds in the beat. (Peep the Kid ‘N’ Play reference in the song, too). If you’re in London, come check out the virtuosity live in the flesh on June 8 at the Jazz Cafe (hence the jazzy joint). Bring tea for the Republican Teaparty National Convention! Cop the Your Old Droog LP and Kinison EP on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and all that shit, and check for the Kinison EP on vinyl from July 10 too.”