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Two decades after Papoose dropped “Alphabetical Slaughter” comes a sequel of sorts with the DJ Premier produced “Numerical Slaughter.” The duo connects once again as Premier shouts out numbers and Pap connects them with verses.

“I initially released ‘Alphabetical Slaughter’ over twenty years ago and to this day fans still mention that track. From comments on Social Media to people just walking up to me on the street to tell me it’s their favorite hip-hop song,” Pap relayed to Complex.  “Every other month I see another artist creating their own version of the concept.  I figured since fans love the song so much, I would give them something similar on my Underrated project; but this time, flip the numbers.  DJ Premier is one of my great friends and favorite producer of all time.   I wouldn’t allow any other producer to assist me on this track.”

Underrated drops on February 15th.

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