PRhyme is nearing its release on March 16th and the duo of DJ Premier and Royce 5’9″ drop their collaboration “Flirt” with 2 Chainz. Preemo and Royce talked about the song last week with Billboard in an interview.

I have to ask about “Flirt” with 2 Chainz…

DJ Premier: I love that one.

Royce, how much of this interaction with a groupie in your DMs that you talk about in this song is true?

Royce: Everything is true on that song. I speak from my experiences. I don’t pull from a lot of other people’s experiences like I used to. Because I’ve got a lot of my own experiences to pull from, so I just kind of do that.

How did 2 Chainz end up on this song?

DJ Premier: Before we even knew that 2 Chainz was gonna be the choice, Royce had already done the song by himself. When I heard the lyrics I was like, “Damn, that shit is dope.” Even when he did the “Bitch please miss me, I’m paid as hell/ I got the game locked, arcades in jail.” That reminds me of Too Short back in the late ‘80s.

It was almost six months later before I went to Detroit to finish the album. One day we were like, “Who are we gonna get to follow up on your verse that could really nail it?” We started kicking names around. And then Royce’s brother said, “What about 2 Chainz?” I approved immediately, because we knew 2 Chainz would totally know what to do with a song like this. I called him, explained the concept and he’s like “Man, you know that’s up my alley.”

When he sent it back, I was just so open to his verse, because it totally connects with what Royce said. And I thought it was gonna be 16 [bars], he took it past that. I’ve always been a fan of 2 Chainz since Playaz Circle, and I was confident that he was gonna write a dope rhyme. And he did.

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