1. John Brown The Abolitionist   •  

    This shit is dope… Premo on the beat with the man Saigon and of course the legendary BDK. Real Hip Hop.

  2. Layzor Ghunnzz   •  

    FIYAH Track!!!

  3. nigel   •  

    Dope. Simply Dope.

  4. Jacek   •  

    I love those beats. They have that certain feel. They’re a bit serious, a bit mysterious, a bit fun, bit of everything. Much respect from Poland. Experiencing Your music is a big pleasure. #HipHopSavedMyLife

  5. Gee   •  

    Yo this IS what HIP Hop Is…we have been missing her dearly with mad Posers fools trying to run the scene into the dirt….why did aLL our Hip Hop kings have to die way to young?…keepin’ those FRESh sounds up in your dome…let the melody and Stories be told.

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