In a recent interview with WatchLOUD, Papoose broke down verses from his album You Can’t Stop Destiny. Pap gave insight on the “Mobbin,” “Michael Jackson,” “Revenge” and more. Here’s an excerpt below.

You Ain’t Built Like That

Tired of hearing about niggas doing it big
But they ain’t big enough to take care of they kids
He be Internet, shooting a vid
Couldn’t even help his baby moms move in the crib

It’s a lot of grown man out who are only concerned with themselves. They make sure they have the new this or that, but then you see their kids. They’re not taking care of their kids. They’re not being fathers. They’re not being real men. That line is basically about that. Step up and be a father to your child and take care of your kids. There are a lot of deadbeat dads out there. A lot of these dudes say they’re flossing and they’re ballers or gangsters, but that don’t make you a gangster if you’re not taking care of your family. So it’s just a line telling these dudes to get their priorities straight. Stop trying to floss on the internet making yourself seem like you’re more than what you are.

Tell you hurry up when it’s time for thugging in the streets
But take they time when they got a plug for you to eat

That line was aimed at individuals who might have an influence over some dudes who are real street niggas, or may be going down the wrong path, and instead of guiding them in the right direction, they’ll call them up for something negative and have them put in some work and then maybe put themselves in bad situation and these dudes won’t put up no lawyer money or bail money. That line goes out to all the real niggas out there, man. Don’t let nobody have you putting in work if they’re not going to support you when shit gets real.

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Never have the words “Good luck with your career” come off so hilariously disingenuous until Papoose pranked a group of aspiring emcees. The good folks at Complex put the concept together that some young rappers would get a surprise studio session with Papoose but would be shocked by what happens when Pap touches the mic. The results are infinitely hilarious.



NahRight hung out with Papoose for a day prior to the release of his You Can’t Stop Destiny album and talked about a plethora of topics ranging from his writing process and the state of New York hip hop to picking the right beat and his influences.

Here’s a little sample…

On Why He’s the Most Feared MC By His Competitors

“The conversation we was having about just the craft, the art form and the potency of the music and commercialism. How can I explain it? If you really take a deep look under the magnifying glass, it’s a small portion of MCs who really have the talent. It’s a very small portion of rappers who can actually rap. All of the other guys who are not that great, they fear for those guys to be in a position of power because they won’t have jobs ‘cause these guys are pretending to be who we really are as true artists. Who really can do this? But the commercialism allows hip-hop to be oversaturated with rappers who can’t rap. They actually horrible and they cracking the bank. So, just to summarize it to you, that’s why they afraid of me because they know my capabilities, they know my talent. We just live in a world a society where, you know, sometimes the best guy might not be on top.”

“I’m just the most feared MC because they know they can’t fuck with me. There’s certain obstacles that are thrown my way in a sneaky way cause they know who to play with and who not to play with. It’s done in a sneaky way. That’s just that. That’s why I’m the most feared MC because they know deep down inside they all watch my moves. They listen to my shit. They copy. They steal. I got a list of lines they stole from me. And the fans hit me with it. ‘Yo, you see this? This is straight-up theft.’ I’m not tooting my own horn, but facts is facts.”

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Papoose returns for his first full length project since 2013’s The Nacirema Dream with You Can’t Stop Destiny. Featuring the likes of DJ Premier, Remy Ma, Ty Dolla $ign, Ron Browz, Havoc, Showbiz, Maino and more, Pap is here to remind everyone why he’s worthy of the buzz he garnered back in 2005 with “Alphabet Slaughter.”

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Papoose delivers the wickedness in the form of “The Bank” off of “You Can’t Stop Destiny.” The band, the flow, the energy. Papoose has it all with this one. Shout out to HipHopDX for the premiere.



On July 17, Papoose will follow up his 2013 debut album The Nacirema Dream with his sophomore effort titled You Can’t Stop Destiny. And after tearing through his throwback freestyle series, it seems that Pap is ready to shut down any suggestions of a sophomore slump. With the likes of Ron Browz, Havoc, Showbiz, DJ Tip and, of course, DJ Premier behind the boards along with Maino, Red Cafe, Troy Ave, Ty Dolla $ign and his wife, Remy Ma, assisting on the mic, You Can’t Stop Destiny looks to fulfill its title.

The lead single drops on June 11th and will be the Troy Ave assisted “Mobbing” (produced by Havoc).

Also, today at 6pm (EST) Pap will be joining the 2K community to play NBA 2K15 online with some lucky fans in the “Park Mode” (NBA 2K will be played on PS4). For information on how to join, just click http://twitch.tv/2k now.

Preorder here.

Tracklisting for Papoose’s You Can’t Stop Destiny:

1.) “The Bank” (produced by Ron Browz)

2.) “You Ain’t Built Like That” (produced by Amadeus)

3.) “Mobbing” f/ Troy Ave (produced by Havoc)

4.) “The Plug” (produced by DJ Premier)

5.) “Michael Jackson” f/ Remy Ma & Ty Dolla $ign (produced by Ron Browz)

6.) “Wish A Nigga Would” (produced by DJ Tip)

7.) “Everything To Gain” f/ A.G (produced by Showbiz)

8.) “Revenge” / Maino & Red Cafe (produced by GUN Productions)

9.) “Team US” (produced by DJ Tip)

10.) “You Draggin It” (produced by DJ Tip)

11.) “Global Warming Part 2” (produced by GUN Productions)

12.) “Illuminati” (produced by Gemcrates)

13.) “Obituary 2014” (produced by GUN Productions) *****Bonus Track