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DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
8/29/21 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)

“Rap Is Outta Control” 8/29/21 Playlist
1. Benny The Butcher “Flood The Block (prod. by Chop-La-Rock & Rare Scrilla, cuts by DJ Ambideckstriks)
2. Boldy James & The Alchemist feat. Benny The Butcher “Brickmile To Montana” (prod. by Alchemist)
3. Ransom & Big Ghost Ltd feat. Lou From Paradise, Vinnie Paz & ILL BILL “Off With His Head” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
4. BodyBagBen & Rick Hyde feat. GoToMar$ “Skywalker OG Freestyle” (prod. by BodyBagBen)
5. M Doc Diego x Crotona P x Manzu Beatz feat. Bub Styles “The Big Cut” (prod. by ManZu Beatz)
6. The Quarter Inch Kings x Zagnif Nori “Look At I” (prod. by The Quarter Inch Kings)
7. Papoose feat. Saigon “Heavy Science” (prod. by Gem Crates)
8. Frost Gamble feat. Rah Digga “Memories” (prod. by Frost Gamble)
9. NEMS “Bing Bong” (prod. by Vinny Idol)
10. Recognize Ali “Welcome To The Light” (prod. by Sultan Mir)
11. Torchington “Hope” (prod. by L. David)
12. Mickey Factz, Blu, Nottz “Roll Up” (prod. by Nottz)
13. Napoleon Da Legend “BOLO YUENG” (prod. by DUS)
14. Peedi Crakk “Sportsmode”
15. Solo for Dolo “CALLATE” (prod. by Domingo)
16. nAvi the NORTH feat. Influence Getem “The Heist Pt. 2” (prod. by nAvi the NORTH)
17. M.A.V. & Swab feat. Rob Gates & Machacha “Pet Cemetary” (prod. by Swab)
18. Filthy Heir (Tha Soloist x A Dusty Cinema) “Shadow of Death” (prod. by A Dusty Cinema)
19. Bang Belushi x Wavy Da Ghawd “Lights Camera Action” (prod. by Wavy Da Ghawd)
20. P.Genz “Keep On” (prod. by J One)
21. Nems feat. Eddie Kaine, ILL BILL & Rim “Tha Boro” (prod. by Deli Beatz)
22. Josiah The Gift “Rob Joint Pt. II” (prod. by Rob Deniro)
23. Frost Gamble feat. Tragedy Khadafi “Fox and Wolf” (prod. by Frost Gamble)
24. Neek The Exotic + Large Professor feat. Q-Tip “Borough Of Queens (Q.U.)” (prod. by Large Professor, cuts by DJ Precision)
25. Smiley The Ghetto Child “Frankenstein” (prod. by Nitro Scissorhandz)
26. The Pride x MR Bings “Nasty Nuggies” (prod. by MR Bings)
27. Big Twins “Still Here” (prod. by DJ Woool)
28. PrezArt x 5ifth Element “Wake Up” (prod. by 5ifth Element)
29. Dave East & Harry Fraud feat. Jim Jones “Money Or Power” (prod. by Harry Fraud)
30. Apathy & Stu Bangas “Levitate” (prod. by Stu Bangas, cuts by Tone Spliff)
31. Kahlee x Krohme “Devil is a Lie” (prod. by Krohme)
32. RedRum feat. Tek & D.V. Alias Khryst “6ft Under (Remix)” (prod. by Racks)
33. Blu “Blues On My Mind” (prod. by J57)
34. DJ Muggs & Hologram feat. Action Bronson & Meyhem Lauren “Colors” (prod. by DJ Muggs)

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