RIOC 2018 (3)


DJ Eclipse
Rap Is Outta Control
6/28/20 Playlist
Sirius XM
Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
Sunday Nights @ 10pm-12am (EST)


“Rap Is Outta Control” 6/28/20 Playlist
1. Rome Streetz “Toxic” (prod. by DJ Skizz)
2. Chanes feat. Miz Korona & Marv Won “167” (prod. by Chanes)
3. Tha God Fahim “After Every Dark Day Comes Sunshine” (prod. by Tha God Fahim)
4. The Bad Seed “Remain Humble” (prod. & cuts by Tone Spliff)
5. Gee Dubs “N95” (prod. by Gee Dubs)
6. 4th Disciple feat. Sadat X & Jisiri X “Wat Hapn” (prod. by 4th Disciple)
7. Astro Vandalist feat. Edo G “The Vandalist” (prod. & cuts by Astro Vandalist)
8. Illa Ghee “Ladder 99” (prod. by Crummie Beats)
9. Bubu The Prince “Genius Razor” (prod. by SYER)
10. Eto feat. Flee Lord & Grafh “No” (prod. by Illien Rosewell)
11. Hus Kingpin feat. SmooVth “Shadow Chess” (prod. by Nicholas Craven)
12. Casual feat. Ras Kass “Dance With The Gun” (prod. by Casual)
13. Str8 Bangaz feat. Josiah The Gift “Siah Is King” (prod. by Str8 Bangaz)
14. Rasheed Chappell feat. Jamal Gasol “T.R.U.S.T.” (prod. by 38 Spesh)
15. Al-Doe & Spanish Ran “Le Bernardin” (prod. by Spanish Ran)
16. Tru Trilla “God of Barz” (prod. by DNA Beatz)
17. 4th Disciple feat. Vinnie Paz “Premeditated” (prod. by 4th Disciple)
18. Napoleon Da Legend “Your Welcome” (prod. by Khronos Beats)
19. Rome Streetz feat. Estee Nack “Higher Self” (prod. by Sebb Bash)
20. MC WhiteOwl “Angel” (prod. by Bombeardo, cuts by FredOnes)
21. Stan Ipcus feat. Max Bent “Dope (Big Ip Don’t Play)” (prod. by Max Bent)
22. Buckwild feat. Little Brother “Ease Up” (prod. by Buckwild)
23. Casual “20 Layer Player” (prod. by Big Head Science)
24. Recognize Ali & Stu Bangas feat. Verbal Kent “Dueling Experts” (prod. by Stu Bangas, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
25. Revenge of the Truence “Trading Places” (prod. by Endemic Emerald)
26. K-Hill “Rudiments” (prod. by BSquared)
27. Precyce Politix “Uncle Tommy” (prod. by D.R.U.G.S. Beats)
28. Big Sproxx x Sayzee feat. Tona “Hot Plasma” (prod. by Big Sproxx, cuts by DJ Grouch)
29. Astro Vandalist feat. The Bad Seed “Next Level” (prod. & cuts by Astro Vandalist)
30. Buckwild feat. Rasheed Chappell “Real Niggaz” (prod. by Buckwild)
31. Tenacity “Bottled Up” (prod. by Nameless)
32. Skyzoo “Eyes Wide Shut” (prod. & cuts by Marc Nfinit)
33. CERTAIN.ONES feat. Squeegie O “Charlie Hustle” (prod. by Wann Sklobi, cuts by D-Spliff)
34. Napoleon Da Legend x Vice Beats “Torn Ligament” (prod. by Vice Beats, cuts by 5Styles)
35. K. Sluggah feat. Hus Kingpin & Rozewood “Gold Ghost” (prod. by K. Sluggah)

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