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Rap Is Outta Control
5/21/23 Playlist
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Hip Hop Nation (Ch. 44)
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“Rap Is Outta Control” 5/21/23 Playlist (w/Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, Buck Dudley, Shame Gang & Finian St. Omer)
1. Recognize Ali “Corona Killer” (prod. by Anu El, cuts by DJ Tray)
2. Bun B & Statik Selektah feat. Propain “Roll It Up” (prod. by Statik Selektah)
3. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Buck Dudley “PPP Forgiveness” (prod. by Buck Dudley)
4. Freddie Black feat. Tarzan Figz “We The Winnerz” (prod. by Spliftout)
5. Chucky Smash “Class” (prod. by Molecules)
6. Conway The Machine feat. Goosebytheway “Tween Cross Tween” (prod. by Greymatter & George Duke)
7. Rome Streetz & Big Ghost Ltd feat. Chyna Streetz “U Mad Huh?” (prod. by Big Ghost Ltd)
8. Shame Gang feat. Skyzoo & Kas Da God “Hyperventilating” (prod. by 4ord)
9. Lloyd Banks feat. Method Man “101 Razors” (prod. by V Don)
10. Onyx “Gimme Da Money” (prod. by Pauly Cicero)
11. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Buck Dudley “I’m Done Signing Vinyl” (prod. by Buck Dudley, cuts by Brown13)
12. Mahtie Bush “In Your Area” (prod. by Mon$rock)
13. Killer Mike feat. EL-P & thankugoodsir “Don’t Let The Devil” (prod. by No I.D., El-P & Little Shalimar)
14. B1 The Architect x Eddy Jones x LeZeppo “Always Ready” (prod. by Alja)
15. Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon & Buck Dudley “Pray For My Pending Case” (prod. by Buck Dudley)
16. Shame Gang feat. Rapper Big Pooh & Vanessa Ferguson “Reasons” (prod. by DJ Pain)
17. Spec & Amiri “This Is The Way” (prod. by Black Maul)
18. Justo the MC x DK x Uncle Fester feat. Poe Mack “Survivors Guilt” (prod. by DK, cuts by Uncle Fester)
19. Flee Lord & Crisis “Pressure” (prod. by Crisis)
20. Realio Sparkzwell x Tone Spliff “Gunz From Italy” (prod. & cuts by Tone Spliff)
21. Mallz feat. Precyce Politix “Zaire ’74” (prod. by Sharp Cuts)
22. Charlie Smarts & DJ Ill Digitz “Outbreak” (prod. by 9th Wonder, cuts by DJ Ill Digitz)
23. Shame Gang feat. Lute & Cyanca “I Survive” (prod. by 4ord)
24. Chief Supreme “So Lovely” (prod. by Chief Supreme)
25. Lil Dee “Dear God” (prod. by Lil Dee)
26. Teflon feat. Lil Fame “It Is What It Is” (prod. by Jazimoto)
27. LL Cool J “The Force” (prod. by Q-Tip)
28. ILL BILL feat. Vinnie Paz & Lord Goat “Supreme Magnetic” (prod. by Rare Scrilla, cuts by DJ Eclipse)
29. Shame Gang & Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon Freestyle

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