1. earl jones   •  

    i need primos email address, must hear new artist from nyc.

  2. Dj Snu   •  

    pls get back , more new awsome Beats for my Hip Hop Floor 😉 i

  3. Kerey Comas   •  

    The 1st single..BEFORE Words I Manifest…was POSITIVITY. FANTASTIC song…But..WIM was the legendary joint…

    Still..Premier and Snoop..Gods Of Hip Hop. Pay homage and respect to these pioneers. Love them both.

  4. Jerunkenfist   •  

    The best show since yo raps and the basement

  5. DJ Phinesse   •  

    Preemo! Whaddup man! Ya’ll skipped over Positivity! I thought that was the next jawn off of No More Mr Nice Guy! I remember that video. Ya’ll skipped over Step In The Arena album too and went to Daily Operation! I got an autographed copy of Step In The Arena when ya’ll stayed in Brooklyn while doing work for Mo Betta Blues!

    Stay up and stay Hip-Hop my G!

  6. Rich   •  

    interesting convo to say the least between the legends in the game. What songs wz Preemo talkin bout that he jams to by Snoop in the early part of the session? Can someone fill me in…

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