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Action Bronson and Mario Batali make pizza together in this video.

The previous sentence is all you need to know before you click “play,” but for those who want a little verbiage before they proceed, here you go:

The MUNCHIES series Fuck, That’s Delicious took Action Bronson’s culinary stock through the roof, so with the release of his new album, it only made sense for him to collaborate with the best chefs in the world to create food fit for Mr. Wonderful. In this video, Action Bronson’s food TV dreams come true. Bam Bam gets a no-holds barred tour of Eataly from his culinary idol, Mario Batali: they sampled salumi and formaggi, create pizzas, and dine on a stuffed fried quail so delicious-looking, you will want to eat right through your screen.

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J. COLE – G.O.M.D.

With America still struggling through race relations, J. Cole’s video for “G.O.M.D.” revisits an even darker area of slavery in the good ol’ United States of America.