PRHYME: DJ Premier, Royce Da 5'9" & Adrian Younge by brtvofficial


This project captures one of those rare moments when the stars align and everything falls perfectly into place. Royce 5’9″, one of the most technically-advanced MCs in the game paired with DJ Premier who needs no introduction at this point, doing what they do best on a backbone of samples entirely produced by Adrian Younge- the closest thing to a living spring of loops and breaks hip hop may ever get. The result being three masters of their craft combining ingredients for an extraordinary recipe.

Collaborating with each one of them individually was a long time coming, but all three together is simply a blessing. So it was only right for us to shoot at Chung King, one of hip hop’s holy grails, and put together our own dream team of moderators and video/sound team to make this session extra special. The result is one of the most intimate and high caliber rap sessions we’ve had to date, and a marvelous DJ set by Adrian of classic samples, breaks, and loops.


  1. BigSmokin'Joe   •  

    Yes! Adrian Dropping some 45’s! CLASSIC! PRhyme Time!!

  2. Antoine Mack   •  

    two of the greatest collaborating? I’ll be in Madison February 28th Insh ALLAH.

    Will see if Strick is in town and I’m sure we’ll troop together!!!

  3. MR.YAOWA   •  

    this is some good sheeet!

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