In part two of WatchLoud‘s interview with Nickel and Preemo, the duo reveal what legendary emcee couldn’t make the album and how sample clearances helped the creation of the album.

“The concept was to have somebody who was a wizard with the samples, sample somebody who creates his own music so we won’t have to clear anything,” Royce tells “And we’ll just have a project that we could put out for the fans. Somewhere along the line it just ended up being an album. I kept having to push Preeme for ‘1 more or 2 more.’ Every time we got to a point that felt like we were somewhere I felt like we needed one more thing to round it out. I started to get more of a vision as we were doing it. The Adriane Young thing was a way for me to work with him and do this project with Premier that I’ve been wanting to do since ’99.”


  1. Cmacavelli   •  

    Absolutely kills me that I won’t be hearing that Black Thought verse, get him on the remix!

  2. John Brown The Abolitionist   •  

    Damn! I wish they could’ve gotten a verse from Black Thought! He kills every track he’s on and to team up with Premo and Royce?? That would have been a track I would be bumpin for years to come. Definitely coppin this album though. Peace to Premo my fav producer of all time and Royce, one of the illest out. Can’t wait to hear the full album!

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