1. juan manuel calderon   •  

    i want to see the video ..

  2. Munk   •  

    Yelawolf should’ve stayed out of this one, it just makes him look bad. Slaughterhouse, Em & Royce got mad skills

  3. Cyph a.k.a El Dattio   •  

    Wow!!!! I really needed this. They were all great but of course Marshall Killed it at the end. Made my face frown a million times like daaaaaaaamn this dude will forever be a problem. #DopeCypher #hiphop

  4. Dino Blunt   •  

    YEAH BABY keep real hip hop alive! Loved it!

  5. LewEG   •  

    Best bars were certainly Eminem, Crooked I and Royce Da 5’9. Joe Budden and YelaWolf were just sleeping on it

  6. Chico   •  

    This wasnt a competition to see who was the best artist. Its a cypher to just show their skill. Everybody on here was just showing what they got. And everybody got something they just spit it differently. If anything Yelawolf had the most poetic verse & Eminem as usual just ripped it. But everybody had talent and did what they did. No more hatin, spread the love.

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