DJ Tiger blends classic DJ Premier production with the vocals from the late Tupac Shakur for “The Don Premier Album.”

Here’s the full tracklisting and you can probably figure out the blends by looking at the titles.

0:00 Intro 0:54 Holla If U Friend or Foe 4:39 Gettin’ Money 8:01 Open Fire With a Full Clip 10:22 Understand My Style feat. Nas 12:26 Sleep On Me 14:41 Preemo Speaks 14:56 It’s All Real 16:53 My Enemies Gave Me Power 19:30 Dirty War Games 22:02 Hell 4 A Hustla 25:06 Paper On My Block 28:35 Hail Mary 31:45 Preemo Speaks Again 31:55 Old School Memories 35:39 Neva Call U Bitch Again feat. Jeru the Damaja 39:07 7 Days of Temptation feat. Craig David 42:34 Love Sickness 45:20 Tears of Disciple 48:14 The Legacy 50:39 Makaveli Vs. M.O.P. 53:55 Step in Pac’s Arena 55:47 Thug Style 58:45 A Classic Combination feat. Notorious B.I.G. & Big L 1:01:44 Still Ballin’ feat. Kurupt 1:05:01 Staring Through My Rearview feat. Methodman 1:07:43 Thugz Mansion feat. Nas 1:10:31 This Life I Lead 1:13:16 Throw Ya Gunz Up 1:15:38 Ready 4 Whateva 1:18:24 Rest In Peace 1:19:35 Bonus Track 1 – Pac’s Inspiration 1:23:08 Bonus Track 2 – A Change Man

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