On what would have been The Notorious B.I.G.’s 49th birthday, Skyzoo releases “St. James Liquors” from his forthcoming album All The Brilliant Things that drops on June 11th.

“With ‘St. James Liquors,’ it’s a story of what my neighborhood used to be like, and it uses 13 year old me as a catalyst of these two types of individuals that my friends and I were in awe of: the guys outside and the musicians who represented them,” Skyzoo says of the song. “As a young kid writing rhymes and growing up a block away from the late great Notorious BIG, inspiration was easy to get, as it was literally footsteps away. The tug of war of the guys on the block who were stars and the guys who represented them who were stars, and the irony of them going hand in hand, was something that had my head on a swivel as a teenager. This song breaks down the dichotomy of the two.”

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  1. Wendell Chase   •  

    Shyt is CRAZY!!!!!

    Real Hip Hop lives on… THANK YOU

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